Reasonable Adjustments?

If you have a disability, then management are bound by law to consider reasonable adjustments to your working conditions to enable you to carry out your duties.

RMT has serious concerns that management are not abiding by this, and on at least one occasion have referred staff to redeployment without giving proper consideration to reasonable adjustments. We raised this issue at the Strategy & Development Forum today.

Management accepted that in this particular case, the manager did not carry out the procedure properly, and promised to remind their managers to do so. However, both RMT and TSSA felt that this was not good enough, as bitter experience shows that gentle reminders do not work. We reminded management that certain managers' failings on this issue had cost the company dearly in Employment Tribunal. It seems to us that when staff fall short, the company deals with them hardshly, but when mangers fall short, there are no significant negative consequences for them, and so they continue to breach the procedures.

RMT also proposed that manages be provided with a long list of possible adjustments that can be made for disabled staff, so they can consider a wide range of options.

We also pointed out that in some cases, a measure identified as a reasonable adjustment for one member of staff might actually benefit all staff if introduced generally, for example painting the edges of steps in machine rooms. It would be more sensible and economic to implement this measure across the whole system in one go than to do it only when a member of staff with a visual impairment starts work on that station.

Management will consider our proposals, and there will be further discussion at the Stations & Revenue Council meeting at the end of the month.