Rest Day Roster: Survey to take place

Notting Hill Gate's GSM has been refusing to implement a rest day roster for reserve staff, in the mistaken belief that he is entitled to do so unilaterally.

However, unions and management have an Agreement at functional level that rest day rosters for reserves are good practice, and that where a union rep requests a rest day roster for reserves, the GSM and union reps must jointly organise a survey of reserve staff in each grade, where everyone gets to vote on whether they want such a roster or not. The survey should include advice on the pros and cons of such a roster.

RMT's Notting Hill Gate group representative, Steve Datta, pursued this issue, and referred it to the Stations and Revenue Council. At the Council's meeting on 26 November, RMT ensured that management agreed to tell the GSM that he must carry out the survey of staff's opinions.

So, because of RMT's persistent representation, Notting Hill Gate group staff will now get to decide whether you want a system where you know your rest days well into the future!

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