Pay Deal - A Rant

After a long drawn out fight and lots of "vote yes" "this paydeal is unacceptable" comments the EC have decided that the paydeal is acceptable and that were going to concentrate on the job cuts. Yes we must fight the job cuts but now we have put ourselves in the position of looking as bad as Scablef who done exactly the same.

Not only this but how can we seriously expect to win any future action when the powers that be wont take anything we say seriously after this. We balloted we should act on that ballot, we are going to lose members who are now becoming disillusioned after losing money to accept the deal that hasnt really changed since the beginning.

I for one would like the EC to come round my group and explain their decision because I for one cannot justify it to my members..

Dont get me wrong I will continue to fight for whatever I need to but can the EC not see we have lost all credibilty.

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