Emergency Level 1 Called for Thursday 4Th March

We have had enough of the abuse of Staff on our group with duties for Reserves having Duties changed by as much as 12 hours with 24 hours notice and Rostered Staff being moved to cover A/L and Vacancies so we have called an Emergency Level 1 for Thursday..

We would like to thank Malcolm for his input and making us feel a whole lot more confident by echoing our veiw on what the Framework means(and putting it in writing so I didnt have to type it all up lol). Also the members of staff on the East Ham Group who have helped us track down various minutes and Duty sheets as additional evidence..

our points are as follows

Reserve Staff Issue

The issues the reps would like to raise are:

Framework of agreement 3.1 Variations To Duties.

2.2 For cover staff, duties may only be changed with 24 hours notice inthe circumstances described above and wherever possible by mutualagreement.

“Variations to duties to take account of special events, possessions, unanticipated sickness or absence etc.

Will be decided by the Group Station Manager in consultation with the staff and staff representatives concerned.”

The framework of agreement makes no statement “ staff must look at pink sheets for duty changes”

The pink sheet should only reflect is a member of staff is spare to the group and picks up a duty then the pink sheet can be used to let that member of staff know where to book on for duty to cover the vacancy.

The pink sheet should not be used to change reserve staff start times without first – where possible contacting that member of staff to agree the change of start time.

Clarification was sought after on this mater and an email dated 21 October 2009.

Was sent from Desiree Brown addressed to yourself and Angie Jones Malcolm

Taylor and Tom Coyle.

Schedule 3 variations to duty 2.2 for cover staff.

Reserve rest days and advance duties must be published with a minimum of 28 days.

Once published, rest days may not be changed without the member of staffs agreement.

Cover staff duties may be changed according to business requirements with 24 hours notice.

There is no restriction to the amount of difference between shift start times if duties need to be changed for cover staff, providing there are sufficient rest periods as per framework agreement.

Resident staff duties may be changed according to business needs, but there must not be more then 2 hours variation of the rostered start time.

The concern we have is the interpretation of point 4 which is in direct conflict point 1.

Staff who are reserve have 28 days duties in advance so they can have a work life balance.

Point 4 contradicts this and means reserve staff have no work life balance because at any point their duties may be changed in 24 hours.

This is not in any Framework of agreement agreed or otherwise.

Clarification of the email and its validity is what we seek.

Rostered Staff

Schedule 2 - Staff deployment (of new Framework, agreed schedule but whole document not yet ratified,we are working to this though).

1.1 Residentstaff will work at a specific station in accordance with the rostersand duty schedules determined in accordance with rostering parametersset out in schedule 4 of this agreement (+). Where specifically required some rosters may include either complete or part shifts at other stations within the group.

(+)Basicallythe rostering parameters deal with making sure contractual hours are met, minimising the unsocial aspect of shift work, keeping customer safety & locally requested changes must be agreed by appropriate portion of staff participating in roster.(Schedule 4)

My understanding therefore of 1.1 is unless stated in the rosters/dutyschedules(BNS) that a roster includes working at another station then the resident staff works at their resident station. Unless.......

When was the DSMI for the East Ham Rostered staff agreed as not one member of the Union are aware of/or agree with this!!!!

1.2 Resident staff will occasionally be required to work at other stations within their group of stations. They may also be requested with their agreement, to work at other stations in any job for which they hold the relevant licences

This point refers to the discussion that on occasions when for instance there are unanticipated sickness or events which require additional staff at a specific station, and there are resident staff available to work there from another station (which wouldn’t have a impact on the rostering parameters outlined above) they can then with their agreement work at another station within the group in any grade for which they hold the appropriate licences.

1.3 In order to facilitate meal break coverage, staff will be required to work at any station within their group.

This point is clear enough my take on it would be that the SS’s at East Ham are not spare to the group and unless the criteria above is met they are entitled to work at their resident station. If there is a problem with the SS roster then that would need to be addressed by management through the appropriate paths of the machinery of negotiation.

re-engineering works, staff are still needed to direct customers more so if no trains are running and if resident staff are to be moved again the criteria above should be met. With their agreement, as members get rostered as they want to work at that specific station, if they wanted to work at loads of different places they would stay reserve!!

Lets see what happens ill update Thursday Night/Friday Morning