Goodge Street Group News, March 2010

Your rep’s report of the main issues at the level one meeting between local reps and management on 17th February.
Read the report below, or click '1 attachment' / file name to download it as a PDF.

SRT covering SATS - again!
The SRT framework agreement states SRT should not cover any rostered duties unless the station falls below minimum numbers at short notice.
At TCR, with two dead lates short during evening peak, SRT were used to cover platforms. SATS is part of a rostered duty; this practice breaches the SRT framework.
When we don’t have enough staff, platforms should be cancelled.
I formally ‘failed to agree’ with Frank over this issue. It will now be discussed at functional council.
Can supervisors not send SRT to cover platforms during staff shortage? It’s up to us to make sure SRT are only used for their proper purposes.
LU are expanding the SRT; recruiting where nowhere else is. LU would love to have a floating pool of station cover staff instead of employing the reserves. This is about defending our jobs.

Goodge Street Mystery Shopper Scores
Staff at Goodge Street were upset with SIS scores describing them as ‘scruffy’ and ‘unhelpful’. Particularly unhappy with the manner of the DSM who relayed it to them, they put in a complaint.
I questioned why management had not investigated the accuracy of these unusual scores for Goodge St. Frank said, ‘there wasn’t anything in those scores that suggested we needed to challenge them’. So the staff, not the system, needs ‘improvement’.
There are reports from around the combine of the inaccuracy and injustice of SIS. Whatever the scores, we should believe we are doing a good job, even if our managers don’t!

Goodge Street Ticket Office Sign
A request has gone into the projects team for an ‘assistance and tickets’ sign.

Allocation of Overtime
Frank admitted we should have had more information over New Year staffing arrangements. He assured us no double shifts were worked.
We were told there are are no overtime sheets only when no volunteers are required at the time of doing the amendments.
But if this contradicts your experiences, let me know a.s.a.p. It is much easier to mention things as they are happening than to wait til the meeting.
We reminded them that according to the framework agreement, SAMF and SCRA duties should be offered to SAMFs and SCRAs on overtime, before higher grade working. They breach this to save money and also save by not covering the CSA doing HGW. If this happens again, let me know.

Goodge Street Computers
In case staff don’t know, outside office hours, Goodge Street staff can use the room upstairs to check e mail, etc.

Euston Ticket Office Intercom
A DSM is in the process of sending out a minor works request. At last!

Euston Messroom Deep-Clean
worked well last time. When it needs doing again, mention to the Station Supervisor, who will arrange it with a DSM.

Cold Weather Working
DSM Conroy has agreed to look into options for heating the gateline areas, tho he thinks a screen to block the wind at TCR will be too expensive.
We will work on it and might have something in place by next Winter!

New Staff
From 14th March we will get a new CSA, filling the vacancy on the CSA reserve.
We will still have three vacancies on the group: one MF reserve and two SCRA.

Your RMT representative for Goodge Street Group is Becky Crocker, CSA Reserve
07734-364302 or

Camden 3 Branch meets on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 1700hrs, the Exmouth Arms, near Euston station. Next meeting is Wednesday 10th March . Please come!

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