Silverlink JWP 18th May 2010

After not meeting since October 2009 your reps and management met again on Tuesday 18th May to continue talks surrounding issues on the ex-silverlink stations. Items discussed were as follows:

• Agency staff – at the last meeting we requested a copy of the contract that LU has with the providers of the agency staff. The contract they supplied was over a year out of date, and LU said that they would forward the current one to the Unions. This is not acceptable as with recent events at Kenton prove we need experienced fully trained LU staff on the stations and the agency contract needs to be stopped. This item will be getting raised at the next Company Council.

• Grading of station supervisors – We have had much debate over this topic over the last couple of years and a decision by the COO Howard Collins at a Company Council meeting back in December 2009 stated that the grade of SS would be SS3. However the SS’s on this group will be carrying out Ticket office duties and your Union believes that the grade should be SSMF. A letter is being sent to Mr Collins outlining our objections and the rationale behind why the SS’s should be SSMF and once we get the reply it will be posted on this site.

• Waiting lists for the stations – unfortunately those members who have been up for the supervisor assessment which has resulted in a large portion being unsuccessful, it has been agreed to open up the waiting lists for the stations concerned so that LU staff can start filling the vacancies currently occupied by the agency staff. The staff members that did not pass the SS assessment will remain on their respective groups as SAMF’s.

There have been some outstanding items of business carried over to our next meeting on July 6th so any items staff want placed on the agenda please send an email to Malcolm Taylor, giving a brief overview of the item with some notes and facts by 25th June.

Issues At Work: