Job Cuts: Goodge Street group

London Underground plans to cut the following posts on Goodge Street group:

  • 5 full-time SAMFs
  • 5 full-time CSAs
  • 2 full-time reserve CSAs
  • 2 full-time reserve SAMF


The changes we face and how to challenge them

Below are the main changes facing our group. Please let us know your views about them! Your RMT and TSSA reps will write up your objections as a collective grievance and present it at a meeting with our GSM on Thursday 26th August.
We have a chance to stop these plans!
We totally oppose these proposals. Eight jobs will be cut from our group. Eight people will be displaced to an uncertain future. The rest will be left to pick up the pieces.
Across the combine, these plans cut LU station staff by 20%! Over 800 jobs have simply disappeared from the proposed rosters. LU has already hinted at more cuts later this year when the government cuts the transport budget. They will ‘reorganise’ LU until we no longer recognise it. Skeleton staffing. Horrendous shift patterns. Unmanageable workload. Customer service? We won’t even manage basic safety!
These plans hint at the future for all staff unless we act now. But we have a chance to stop the rot before it sets in.
RMT has voted 75% for strike action and 88% for action short of a strike on a 43% turnout. A decent result, whatever LU say! TSSA’s result will be announced next week. LU is refusing to negotiate on the job cuts. But watch them start listening to us when they face joint action by all station staff!

Tottenham Court Road

Ticket Office

One full-time and one part-time position to be cut.
Monday-Friday, the Ticket Office will open an hour later: 7.30am. Hassle for early morning
gateline staff.
One duty Monday-Friday is disappearing: the 1630 to 0100 (1430-2230).
Yet, the new Business Needs Schematics shows extended opening hours. (2 windows 1300-2015 instead of 1500-2100). More work and less staff?! Meal break cover will be tight. Shifts will be much harder with more stress!
On Saturday the Ticket Office will open an hour later and close 15 minutes earlier.
Windows will be closed at busy times. We will lose a second window on Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon.
We will have less weekends off. Currently we have 43%; it will go down to 33%.


The roster is largely unchanged, but the new Business Needs Schematics are alarming.
The BNS represents LU’s view of how much work needs to be done each day. They think much less work is necessary, which spells future attempts to cut staff.
Monday-Friday, the new BNS shows one CSA alone on the gateline from 0545 to 0800. Extra dead earlies are only there because of minimum numbers. LU is already trying to re-negotiate minimum numbers to match their ‘business needs’. We need to oppose this new BNS!
Monday-Friday, gateline hours are being cut by 5 hours a day in total. That is 25 hours a week: a clear threat to a CSA job in future.
Monday-Friday, time on the platforms will increase by ¾ of an hour. So we will get more time on the platform and no extra staff!
On a Saturday, the BNS shows 4 hours less gateline work. And 13¼ hours less on a Sunday!
What planet are LU on? If we accept this, we are accepting LU’s view that we need less weekend staff. We are already on minimum numbers. We need extra weekend staff!



Five full time positions to be cut: that’s over 20% of CSA jobs!
They will create 2 part time weekday positions but will they be able to fill them?
59% of shifts on the roster will be extreme turns.
Currently CSAs get 42% of weekends off. This will go down to 35%.
The bosses at 55 Broadway don’t seem to know how busy Euston is. More trains with a greater capacity arrive into Euston National Rail every day. Our staff numbers should increase in line with our workload! Instead, they are cutting three duties a day Monday to Friday: 0900-1700; 1300-2100; 1530-2300.
We work flat-out already on a weekend. They plan to cut the 0900-1700 and 1345-2200 duties on Saturday and the 0645-1500 and 1400-2200 on Sunday. We will not cope!

Ticket Office

One full-time position to go, although an evening part-time position will be created (even if they cannot fill it!). Why are we losing anyone when we have the longest time in queue on the network? Create, don’t cut, jobs at busy stations!
Currently Euston SAMFs get 44% of their weekends off; this will go down to 37%.
Covering a duty at Camden Town. Covering meal breaks at Mornington Crescent and Goodge Street. This undermines the idea of being rostered.
Monday-Friday, ticket office will open ¾ hour later and close an hour earlier.
Monday-Friday, window opens 2¾ hours less per day: only 2 windows 1645-1715 and 1830 onwards; one window from 2030.

Goodge Street

3 of 4 SAMF positions to be cut.
3 SAMFs to be displaced onto the reserve.
With hundreds of SAMF job cuts across the combine, it will be tough to find another rostered SAMF position.
LU have given no guarantee for the future of displaced SAMFs. LU is looking to cut costs. How long will they pay reserve SAMFs to cover jobs that no longer exist?
We expect LU will abide by the existing agreement to pay protected earnings for three years. It is paid as a lump sum and is not pensionable. Earnings decrease by 20% each year after that.
The ticket office will be closed until 1300.
What about the morning peak? There will be grief for CSAs. We will realise how much we need that ticket office as soon as it’s not there.
CSAs will be working alone on the gateline for longer with the ticket office closed.

Facing displacement?

LU have said that displaced rostered staff will be put onto the reserve ‘for now’.
They have not said who will face displacement.
Will it be a case of last in first out?
Reserve numbers are 37.5% of the total number of full time staff. Reserve numbers will fall in line with rostered numbers. Displaced CSAs will end up ‘over establishment’. Recent experience, on Rickmansworth Group for example, shows LU will try to displace ‘over-estiblishment’ CSAs anywhere.
All reserves will feel vulnerable as we face this period of change. LU has not answered whether all reserves need to fear displacement over the next year.

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