Proposed Job Cuts: Greenford Group

  • Greenford: loses 2 full time SAMFs, replaced by part-timer Saturday-Sunday only
  • East Acton: loses 2 full time SAMFs, replaced by part-timer Satuday-Sunday only
  • Perivale: loses full time SAMF and is replaced by part-timer
  • Ruislip Gardens: keeps its part time SAMF, but gains 2 part time CSAs for all 7 days (we don't know why, either!)
  • South Ruislip: full time SAMF replaced by part-timer
  • West Ruislip: part time SAMF replaced by part-time CSA
  • Hanger Lane: full time weekday SAMF replaced by part time SAMF Saturday-Sunday only
  • North Acton (points station): loses 2 full time SAMFs, replaced by part-time SAMF Saturday-Sunday only
  • West Acton: loses part-time SAMF, but gains 2 part time CSAs
  • Northolt (points station): loses no staff
  • Ealing Broadway: loses all 3 rostered CSAs; S/S is now on his/her own to run one of the busiest stations outside zone 1/2, 9 platforms, end of line for 2 lines, national rail interchange

11 SAMFs in total lost. We gain some part-timers but you and I both know many of these positions will not be covered and just left vacant, especially during annual leave and sickness. There is no way LUL will pay overtime, now that there is a complete ban on overtime for all SAMFs and CSAs.

Where an SAMF has been lost with no replacement, it is expected that the S/S goes in the ticket office, taking him/her away from running the station. This is particularly bad at Greenford. The proposed schematics expect the S/S is in the ticket office for all of its opening times and the rostered SAMF that remains works on the gateline (I kid you not). The rostered SAMF spends no time in the ticket office!

There are also many individual cases where an SAMF or CSA goes to other stations to cover gateline while S/S is on rostered meal break. If this isn't rostered babysitting, I don't know what is. I have also tried to find out why Ruslip Gardens has more staff than any other station (especially Greenford and Ealing Broadway) but no one can give me answer.