Collective Grievance from Edgware Group against proposed rosters

We wish to submit a collective grievance against the proposed rosters as this appears to be our only avenue to raise objections against changes to our stations operation, staffing numbers, provision of customer service and service levels. Therefore, the proposed rosters submitted to our TU Representatives on the 05/08/10 are unacceptable for the reasons detailed below.

1. Unsociable shift patterns and breaches of the Framework Agreement within rosters : Rostering an early shift immediately preceding seven consecutive late shifts is unnecessary. In addition, the four day long weekend has been removed completely from certain CSA rosters and replaced with three rest days. This is not, in our opinion, providing a long weekend. Staff will be working 8 consecutive shifts which are not necessary to facilitate the provision of a long weekend or to minimise split rest days. CSA rosters at Colindale, Golders Green and Brent Cross have been changed unnecessarily as no full-time CSA positions are being cut from the Group. This is in breach of the Framework Agreement on the following points; Schedule No.4 “Rosters and any changes to them must comply with the following parameters 1.1 Minimises the unsocial aspects of shift work…”, 2.1 “Maximum number of consecutive rostered working days =7 ” (including note 5 “Staff may be rostered to work 8 consecutive shifts to facilitate the provision of long weekend rest periods or to minimise split rest periods during the week”). Under the Working Time Regulations (WTR 11) section 6 “workers have an entitlement to an uninterrupted rest period of not less than 24 hours in each seven-day period” Working 8 days in a row is in contravention of the regulation. This also does not adhere to the WorkLife Balance Standard and will lead to increased fatigue, stress and sickness. Staff have not been provided a reasonable pattern of shifts in such that sleeping and eating patterns will be adversely affected. It is not best practice to roster in cover at other stations for example Colindale, Brent Cross and Golders Green to cover Belsize Park duties one day each a week.

2. Supervisors lone working on gateline: Supervisors should not be expected to work alone on a station covering the gateline. Supervisors will be in possession of secure keys and will not have another member of staff to monitor them. This leaves them open and at increased risk of assault especially considering the aggravated risk when ticket offices are closed. This could also lead to increased instances of robberies at stations.

3. Reduction in ticket office opening hours and reduction in amount of ticket office windows open: This applies across the whole group (amplified impact at certain stations, detailed below in station specific points). Whilst the introduction of Oyster and subsequent initiatives have forced customers away from using ticket offices, there has been an increase in Oyster-related problems to which customers seek resolution at ticket offices. These include instances where Oystercards have charged a customer twice (once on entry and once on exit), resolution of uncompleted journeys owing to service disruption, failed oystercards, applications for altered availability or refunds of tickets, refund of deposit when an Oyster is no longer required to name but a few. Where these services are not provided or are not readily available, there will be a knock-on impact on staff working on gatelines. CSAs will be left at increased risk of assault when faced with frustrated and angry customers.

4. Decreased time available to service/float POMs: SAMFs duty hours have been cut. Decrease in ticket office hours will lead to an increase in POM usage. The POMs will therefore need to be serviced more frequently. With our current service levels, the POMs on certain stations need to be serviced and floated at least twice a day and the proposed rosters do not allow suitable time.

5. Supervisors given no acceptable time for a handover to a relieving supervisor: This is specifically relating to supervisor covering the gateline up until their relieving supervisor arrives. It is not feasible to expect a Supervisor to be able to give a full, comprehensive briefing when assisting customers on the gateline.

6. Loss of positions on stations on group leading to a deterioration of customer service and safe station operation: Remaining staff will be stretched to the limit, considering all the above objections raised above. Schedule 4 1.3 states that there should be “no deterioration in safety or service for customers or staff”. Reducing staffing levels will also leave us unable to provide current levels of assistance to our disabled customers. Loss of positions impacts on staff when arranging cover not only for annual leave but also for track training (four stations on our group require track training) and lift training (three MIP lift stations and two traction lift stations). This goes against Schedule 4 1.5 of the Framework Agreement “Adequate provision for training and development activity”.

The following is a list, station by station, of examples when the above objections occur. There are also additional objections listed which are station specific.

• Edgware
o SAMF duty Y#23 only has a 13.25 hour break before the next duty. Whilst this is within the Framework Agreement it is not best practice to roster such a short turnaround unnecessarily considering this is a DMI shift.
o Eight day consecutive working for SAMFs.
o Monday and Tuesday early turn supervisor is on meal relief when relieving supervisor X#07 is covering the gateline meal relief.
o Meal relief supervisor X#05 is covering ticket office whilst covering the early turn supervisor’s meal relief. This seems unnecessary and bad practice as Edgware is a SS2 terminus station with two MIP lifts. It is optimal to have the supervisor available at all times during traffic hours to respond to emergencies and update real-time information.

• Burnt Oak
o Supervisor handover on gateline between night and early turn duties Monday to Saturday and Wednesday/Thursday middle X#05 duty and late turn duty.
o Supervisor lone working between 0600 – 0630 and 1515 – 1645 Monday to Friday.

• Colindale
o Eight consecutive day working on CSA roster and no provision of long weekend for CSAs.
o Supervisor handover on gateline between night and early turn duties Monday to Saturday and middle X#05 duty and late turn duty Monday and Tuesday.
o Supervisor lone working on gateline between 0515 – 0630 and 1530 – 1645 Monday to Friday, 0600 – 0740 Saturday.
o CSA roster also breaches the Framework Agreement Schedule 4 Note 7 “In all cases, full time rosters will not be for less than 30 hours or for more than 45 hours in any rostered week (Sunday to Saturday)” as duty week 2 is only 29.50 hours.

• Hendon Central
o Bad rostering practice as Saturday late turn supervisor duty is covering ticket office 15 minutes after starting duty when the SAMF is available. It would be sensible if the supervisor was afforded the opportunity to conduct a station check as early as possible after start of duty as per Rule Book 11.
o Supervisor handover on gateline between night and early turn duties Monday to Saturday.
o Supervisor lone working on gateline 0545 – 0630 Monday to Friday, 0600 – 0800 Saturday and 0700 – 0800 Sunday.
o Proven substantial increased customer flow (minuted at local Level One meeting) owing to local university would indicate that a reduction in customer service at this station should mean that ticket office and window availability should be increased not decreased.

• Brent Cross
o Eight day consecutive working for CSAs including an early shift immediately preceding seven late shifts. This is an even worse breach of Framework Agreement as it is only followed by two mid-week rest days.
o Supervisor lone working on gateline between 0520 – 0630 and 1445 – 1700 Monday to Friday, Saturday between 0520 – 0630 and 1600 – 1700, Sunday between 0640 – 0830. On Monday late turn and Sunday early duty, this also does not allow appropriate time for the supervisor to carry out station checks as early as possible after the start of duty as per Rule Book 11.
o Supervisor handover on gateline between the night and early turn duties Monday to Saturday and middle X#05 and late turn duties Friday.

• Golders Green
o Eight day consecutive working for CSAs including an early shift immediately preceding seven late shifts and no provision of a long weekend. In fact the three rest days provided after this are mid-week rest days.
o Loss of a SAMF position. Golders Green is the busiest ticket office and has the heaviest customer flow through the station within the group. We would not be able to provide adequate customer service or maintain safe station operation with reduced staffing. This is compounded at weekends when there is ongoing engineering work on the Jubilee and Metropolitan lines and Golders Green is one of the nearest available alternative Tube stations for affected customers.
o The only time provided to service/float POMs is 0520 – 0630 Monday to Friday. The late turn SAMF cannot be expected to service all four POMs (including two MFMs) and finalise their account within 45 minutes at end of duty.
o There is an anomaly with the finish time for the late turn Saturday supervisor. This is the only duty which is printed as finishing at 2305 when all other duties finish at 2300.
o Late turn supervisor now expected to cover ticket office meal reliefs Monday to Friday. It is not sensible as Golders Green is a busy SS2 depot station with two MIP lifts to have the supervisor tied up in ticket office.

• Hampstead
o Loss of all four full-time SAMFs and loss of the 6 hour SAMF weekday duty. Whilst there is an increase of three CSA positions, these have been forced into roster to cover minimum numbers and are therefore duplicate CSA duties. If three staff are required then it makes more sense to use one member of staff to provide customers with a ticket office service.
o POMs will be serviced only once a day yet are expected to be the sole outlet for tickets at Hampstead for the majority of the traffic day.
o CSAs work eight consecutive days including seven earlies followed by a 1255 – 2055 duty.
o Bad rostering as Chalk Farm CSA is needlessly covering early turn CSA meal relief when the part-time CSA is spare Monday to Friday
o Early turn supervisor is covering the ticket office from 1145 – 1430 Saturday and 1330 – 1430 Sunday and meal relief supervisor is off station during this time. Hampstead has four traction lifts and a documented history of lift failures. It is the deepest Tube station on the network and is a SS2 station not SSMF. The supervisor should not cover the ticket office. The reduction in ticket office hours at weekends is unacceptable and made worse without the provision of a dedicated SAMF to cover the few hours that it is open. Furthermore, Hampstead ticket office is not a control room. There is no provision of full CCTV, OLBI alarm unit, lift help points (which if not answered promptly direct to BTP), fire control panel or MICA. The supervisor would not be able to manage the station unless all of this equipment was available in the ticket office.
o Minimum numbers not met between 1325 – 1500 on Saturday.

• Belsize Park
o Staffing levels have been reduced to minimum numbers from start of traffic to 0700 and from 2300 to close of traffic Monday to Saturday. If a CSA falls sick during this time or is unable to make it on for start of traffic owing to unforeseen circumstances then Belsize Park will close until cover can be found. This will be made especially hard owing to reduced staffing levels across the group. Lift transfers at Belsize Park require two members of staff. No member of staff will be available to respond to other incidents if lift fails in shaft and transfer is needed.
o Eight day consecutive working for CSAs.
o Loss of one full-time SAMF and one part-time P/T CSA. Customer numbers at Belsize Park have risen significantly over the past few years (issue raised and minuted at local Level One meeting) yet this has not been reflected. Loss of ticket office will impact on the school parties that frequently use the station to buy group tickets.
o Lone working for CSAs when supervisor is called away or on station check. Female staff are especially vulnerable.
o It is not best practice to roster in a 5 minute gateline cover by SAMF owing to poor CSA rostering.

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