Visually Impaired Passengers Need Station Staff

But you don't need to take our word for it! The London Visual Impairment Forum (LVIF) has this to say about station staffing ...

"Staff on the underground trains are, on the whole, excellent ... If there are cuts to underground station and ticket office staff this could reduce the assistance offered to blind and partially sighted and other disabled passengers."
[London Visual Impairment Forum’s Initial Written Submission to London Assembly’s Transport Committee Investigation into the Accessibility of London’s Transport Network, June 2010]

"On the whole LVIF members have found London Underground staff to be very helpful in meeting the needs of blind and partially sighted people and would like to compliment the staff on their good practice."
[London Visual Impairment Forum’s Response to the Mayor’s Transport Strategy Public Draft, October 2009, Page 5. Point 313]

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