RMT's fight for year-on-year increases in your pay.

Did You Know ...?

did you know?

  • That the number of LUL/TfL managers on over £100,000 per year has gone up from 123 last year to 163 this year?! And that does not include Metronet and Crossrail!

Tube workers take protests to Boris Johnson at City Hall over broken promises on cleaners' living wage and snow day pay

RMT tube workers will be taking a protest to Mayor Boris Johnson’s question time this Wednesday – 17th June – over his broken promises on the London Living Wage for some tube cleaners and over the docking of pay for staff who could not get into work on the snow day in February.

Station Staff Solid

Congratulations to all members, who showed during the recent strike action what being part of this great trade union is about. Throughout London underground only a few Scab members came into work but these few were not enough to get stations open even though the usual office employees were there too.

Management Anti-Strike Propaganda

From Bob Crow, RMT General Secretary.

It has come to my notice that LUL management are handing out anti-strike propaganda and asking people to sign for it. This is nothing more than a crude attempt to intimidate people during the current ballot and is both counterproductive and completely unnecessary.

RMT re-ballot of 10,000 Tube and TfL workers over jobs, pay and breaches of agreements starts today

RMT press release, issued today

THE TUBE’S biggest union today began a re-ballot of nearly 10,000 members across London Underground and Transport for London for strike action in separate disputes centred on jobs, pay and breaches of disciplinary and attendance agreements.

Higher Grade working, are you being short changed?

Do you hold licenses for jobs other than your current grade? Do you regularly get Higher Grade Working (HGW)? If you have answered yes you may not be getting the pay you deserve. After an item was raised at a local level 1 meeting regarding HGW, the GSM was forced to concede that the agreement below needed to be adhered to. Staff members have been advised to write to the GSM to check on all previous HGW to see if any monies are outstanding.

RMT to re-ballot 10,000 Tube and TfL workers over jobs, pay and breaches of agreements

RMT press release, issued today

THE TUBE’S biggest union is to re-ballot nearly 10,000 members across London Underground and Transport for London for strike action in separate disputes centred on jobs, pay and breaches of disciplinary and attendance agreements.

Call This A Pay Offer?!

London Underground has tabled a five-year pay offer of RPI+1% in the first year followed by RPI only for the remaining four.

This looks like a pay freeze - which would be bad enough - but is actually a year-on-year pay cut. RPI systematically under-estimates real inflation as it affects workers, so in real terms, this insulting offer cuts your pay each year. RPI is low now because the prices of luxury goods are tumbling. But our everyday expenditure on food and bills is still going up.

So London Underground would have you spend more and more each year, with no more money to do it with. Your employer would willingly see you get poorer and poorer. And all the while, you are making them richer and richer: our productivity is rising sharply, as we carry more passengers and bring in more revenue.

At 'Valuing Time', senior managers tell us how great we are. But while we like being praised, we'd rather be paid!

Fight Back for Jobs, Pay and Justice: Why RMT is Balloting its Members for Industrial Action

From Bob Crow, RMT General Secretary - click on the file name below to download and print this.


Dear Colleagues




Next Station & Revenue Grades Meeting, 24 March 2009

The next SRGM will be held in Unity House on Tuesday 24th March 2009 at 16:00hrs.

At the meeting we will be giving special time over to discuss the current dispute and how we should organise.

We need to hear how support for a yes vote in the ballot is in your area and if needed how we can support you. Come along share your ideas and views so that we can build this campaign together.

Pay offer what an insult

Lul announced what we initially thought was a tongue in cheek offer of rpi +1% for year one of a five year deal, followed by rpi for years 2,3,4 & 5. What if rpi is at deflation we have to take a pay cut! This is an absolute insult and together with the attack on the Job's for life agreement adds up to an invite for us heading into Dispute.

'RMT London Calling' Newsletter: Why We Need A Decent Pay Rise

The new issue of RMT London Calling - RMT London Transport Regional Council's newsletter - spells out the reasons why we all need to demand a decent pay rise to protect ourselves from the effects of the recession. It also tackles common arguments for settling for a lower rise, and gives you facts and figures about how your bills are rising and how much our fat-cats bosses are being paid!

Click on '1 attachment' or the file name to download and print it. Please distribute it widely amongst your workmates.

'RMT Platform' 2 January 2009: What's Happening With Your Pay Rise?

The new issue of our printed 'RMT Platform' bulletin reports to staff on the lack of progress in pay talks, and on several current workplace issues - including the 'Textback' trial, the King's Cross 7, LUL's threat to withdraw a flexible working appeal stage, and management plans to set a £5 minimum on Oyster top-ups at the window, and to make CSAs collect fares on the gateline. Plus information about the forthcoming RMT-organised conference on working-class political representation, and more ...

Pay Rates: New Year's Eve

Below is a question-and-answer briefing produced by LUL management to explain pay rates for working on New Year's Eve.

LUL produced this Q&A a year ago, and the only thing that has changed since then is that there are no longer payments for Operational Duty Managers.


These Q& A’s must be used in conjunction with the current Pay Arrangements for New Years Eve Payments.