RMT's fight for year-on-year increases in your pay.

Government Bails out the Bosses - What about the Workers?

Nicked and condensed from the Bakerloo branch newsletter

Capitalism is in crisis: world markets collapse, banks are part-nationalised and the government bails out big business to the tune of billions of pounds. Naturally the talk in the mess room is “what’s happening with the pay negotiations?”

Workers on the Tube want to safeguard our livelihood. Many workers are mortgaged up to the eyeballs and seeing our homes sink into negative equity. But will London’s Tube workers be treated as favourably as London’s bankers?

First Aid

With the current pay deal to be negotiated soon, it would seem practical to put First Aid payments on the agenda. Currently a qualified first aider is paid £200 per year for dealing with casualties on the underground, be it none, 1 or a hundred.

RMT Region Sets Timescale For Pay Campaign

RMT's London Transport Regional Council has launched its campaign for a decent pay rise when our current deal runs out next April. It has set a timescale whereby rank-and-file members will have a say in what the union asks for, and which should ensure that we are not kept waiting months for our pay rise as in previous years.

Your branch will be discussing this issue over the next two months. So go along and take part.

The Regional Council meeting on Thursday 29 May unanimously adopted the following resolution from Stratford no.1 branch ...


We've Got The Uniforms, Now We Want Our Pay & Our Rights

It is two months since eleven stations transferred from Silverlink to London Underground. So why are we still on our old, lower pay rates? And why do we have lots of problems? Answer: Because London Underground Ltd (LUL) has not acted to give us our equality and rights. And what can we do about that? Get involved with the RMT trade union.