Revenue Control

Olympic Recognition And Reward – Transport For London (london Underground)

I am writing to advise members that following further talks at ACAS, a final proposal was tabled over Olympic Recognition and Reward for London Underground members. A meeting took place with 150 of your representatives at the end of last week to consult on this offer and the General Grades Committee has decided the following: -

Ten Reasons Why Revenue Staff Should Vote YES-YES to Save Jobs

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1. Because the merging of the three revenue units into one was a prototype for these cuts. Look at the effects this has had: extremely low morale; higher stress levels; more disjointed, unrealistic workloads for management and admin. Imagine how bad it would be if this was spread to the rest of LUL.

Revenue Control Training

Central Line West and Hammersmith & City line branches submitted the following resolution to the May 2009 meeting of the Regional Council, where it was passed.

This Council condemns the poor treatment of members of staff who after 2 years are still waiting for Revenue Control Training.

Framework Agreement for Revenue Control Staffing

This agreement specifies the arrangements for the staffing of Revenue Control services operated by London Underground Limited and is supplementary to the Company’s agreed principles of employment.

1 Schedules To This Agreement

The schedules numbered one to eight to this agreement specify the arrangements which apply to staff employed by London Underground Limited in full time and part time posts to carry out Revenue Control activities.

Meet Your Revenue Reps

Here are your RMT Revenue Control level one reps. From left to right: Barry Leigh (SSR District line), Paul Schindler (JNP Northern line), Marc Shone (JNP Jubilee line), Jed Smith (JNP Piccadilly line), Colm Mulholland (BCV Central line), Kenny Charles (BCV Bakerloo line).

RMT Reps Respond to LUL's Proposal on Representation

RMT response to LUL's proposal to reduce representation in Revenue Control by one and recognise one representative for the Special Requirements Team (SRT)

RMT Stations & Revenue Council representatives met with RMT Level 1 Revenue Control representatives on Friday 5 December to discuss this proposal. We concluded that we reject the proposal, and note that the feeling on this was strong and unanimous. Our rejection is based on the following points:

RMT Revenue Control reps to meet

RMT's Revenue Control reps will be meeting with RMT Stations & Revenue Council reps this Friday (5 December) to discuss two important current issues:

All revenue control RMT members are welcome to attend. RMT Revenue Control industrial relations reps are release from duty with pay for the day in order to attend.

SRT and Revenue Control: LUL Attacks Union Representation

London Underground Ltd refuses to recognise union reps for the 140 staff in the Special Requirements Team (SRT) - and is now saying that it will only recognise SRT union reps if the unions agree to reduce the number of reps in Revenue Control.

RMT believes this is scandalous attack on your right to be represented, and a flagrant breach of our agreed Machinery of Negotiation and Consultation.

Revenue Control Re-structuring

From 'Red Central', RMT Central Line West branch's newsletter

On 14 September, Revenue Control underwent a major management change.

All three units were merged into one with one Revenue Control Manager (Instead of three) and just nine Duty Revenue Control Managers (DRCM's) instead of 16. The AG1 staffing level was also reduced from eight to three.

This was all done by senior management with no consultation and complete ignorance of the operational change procedure, (an agreement that is supposed to protect staff.)

What Next For Revenue Control?

After senior managers' cull of Duty Revenue Control Managers and Admin, what next for Revenue Control Inspectors - a special meeting has been called by Ross Marshall, Health and Safety rep for BCV. All members invited to discuss the new set up, tactics, future plans and internal RMT plans for RCIs. Meeting will take place at 1400hrs at Unity House (RMT Head Office) on Friday 22 August. Special Guest Speaker is Steve Hedley, London Transport Regional Secretary.

Revenue Control: The Real Strategy

After the recent company letter announcing the axing of multiple Revenue Managers jobs Revenue Control Inspectors ( RCI's) are quite concerned. Three Centurian Managers (BCV,JNP,SSR) were merged into one Revenue Control Manager for the entire London Underground. Sixteen Duty Revenue Control Managers (DRCM's) are currently been reduced to nine to cover the whole network.The admin staff are being reduced to just three. Local staff reps requested Functional Council to obtain some answers.