Stop Ticket Office Cuts and Closures

LUL's plans for the future of ticket offices, and RMT's work to represent staff and keep the offices open. Plus RMT's public and political campaign to stop London Underground cutting and closing ticket offices.

Boycott AFM Functionality Expansion-Jobs Depend on it

LU Management have informed the TU’s that they will be expanding the AFM Functionality to CSA’s.This now means that both CSA’s and SAMF’s will be expected to carry out ticket selling activities outside of the Ticket Offices,something which RMT are opposed to.LU have told us that they will initially be running a ‘pilot’ on a voluntary basis at Bank Station and also using SRT staff across the network from December to early January and thereafter will introduce it company wide.The first thing that CSA’s must remember is that their Job Description does not include or allow for the selling of

ACAS Review Update

Hello all here is an update on where we are with the ACAS reviews:

Neil Cochrane and John Kelly who have been dealing with the ticket office review have made progress albeit slow and have put together a report which will focus mainly on:

Message from a passenger

A passenger explains from her point of view why we need open ticket offices:

I usually use ticket offices to get Oyster statements printed for filing expenses when I travel for work.

Sometimes I have to go back to a station several times to find someone to do this for me - and often the occurrence takes so long that the travel information has already been overwritten.

'Enhanced AFM Functionality': Another New Scheme to Undermine Ticket Offices

London Underground has announced another plan which will undermine ticket office jobs and put CSAs at risk. Called 'Enhanced AFM Functionality', it will see SAMFs and CSAs with ticket office licences carrying out functions on a passenger-operated machine from outside the ticket office that are currently carried out by staff from inside the ticket office.

Talks Resume on Stations Job Cuts

From Bob Crow, RMT General Secretary:

Management, ourselves and TSSA have agreed to the resumption of talks in this dispute with detailed reviews now to take place which had previously been proposed at talks at ACAS in the run up to the last 24 hour strike. These proposals had been withdrawn once we had decided to press on with the last strike day. The reviews are listed below together with the number of representatives allocated to each.

1. Supplementary Safety Review

RMT Calls for New Talks on Job Cuts Dispute

RMT has sent the following letter to London Underground's Director of Employee Relations:


I am writing to propose a way forward with regard the dispute between LUL and the trade unions RMT and TSSA in particular in relation to outstanding safety issues which you withdrew from the table because we would not suspend our industrial action.

More messages of support for our fight against job cuts

As a London resident I completely agree with you about the importance of having adequate staff on the London Underground. In my view, there are currently too few staff and to reduce the numbers further is dangerous, unhelpful and demonstrates a lack of insight and too much focus on the bottom line.
Best wishes,
Caitlin Morrow

RMT offers binding arbitration on ticket offices but rejects “meaningless” safety review in advance of ACAS talks on tube dispute

TUBE UNION RMT today offered binding arbitration on the issue of the level of usage of tube station ticket offices in advance of ACAS talks tomorrow but has rejected as “totally meaningless” management proposals for a safety review that would still see current staffing cuts bulldozed through regardless of the “review” outcome and regardless of the safety implications for the travelling public.