Sickness and Attendance

When you are too ill to work, RMT defends your rights

Bakerloo News April 2012

Newsletter of the Bakerloo Branch

Attendance Support Pack

The attached document - the Attendance Support Pack - is LUL's rules for managers implementing the Attendance at Work procedure, and should be read in conjunction with that procedure.

Attendance at Work procedure

Click on '1 attachment' and/or the file name below to view and download London Underground's Attendance at Work procedure.

Know Your Rights: Sickness and Attendance

In RMT’s view, being ill or injured should not be a disciplinary issue at all. So long as you can prove through a certificate that you are genuinely ill, you should not be punished. It is normal for human beings to be ill sometimes – we are not robots!
However, LUL disagrees, and has an unfair and punitive disciplinary policy for absence through sickness.
This is not a comprehensive guide to LUL’s policy – the company’s own documents provide that – but a guide from your union to the rights that you have.


Rtw interviews

It's just been brought to my attention that during rtw interviews according to our gsm and a Dsm when we sign the form we do not sign for what the Dsm ticks ie sick sickness explained etc. I just want some clarification on this before I lose it with our waste of space management



Are LDIs Prejudged?

Dear Colleagues,

Recently I have represented members at two LDIs both were for breaches of the AAW Policy.

Your Right to be Accompanied to Disciplinary and Grievance Hearings

Section 10.1(a) of the Employment Relations Act 1999 states:

Right to be accompanied

(1) This section applies where a worker—

(a) is required or invited by his employer to attend a disciplinary or grievance hearing, and

(b) reasonably requests to be accompanied at the hearing.

(2) Where this section applies the employer must permit the worker to be accompanied at the hearing by a single companion who—

(a) is chosen by the worker and is within subsection (3),

Medication Proof Requests

Just a quick one today to let you know of the only real issue on the group this week.

This being management asking to see proof of medication ie a photocopy of the medications box showing dosage name drs details etc. It was agreed in the recent level 1 meeting that it is acceptable for management to request to see this information. It was also confirmed this was not as management were trying to tell staff "Company Policy" and when asked for this policy then being told "LUOH/District line policy" and then admitting it is ot a policy at all


Case Conference: Employing Managers Only

On RMT's request, management confirmed at the Stations & Revenue Council meeting on 26 November that only an employing manager can conduct a case conference with a member of staff. This is because a case conference can make decisions regarding conditions of a member of staff's employment eg. reasonable adjustments, redeployment.

The only situation in which a duty manager can conduct a case conference is if s/he is on an official secondment to an employing manager post.

Fact-finding interviews. Representation denied.

Dear Colleagues,

I am hearing more and more reports of members being called to attend fact-finding interviews whilst being denied RMT representation.

I have recently been given a document which comes with a message from the General Secretary on one side, and a proforma on the other. I have copied the proforma into a word document and attached it below. As soon as I am able I shall attach a pdf document with this blog entry. Please find the attached word document, and use it whenever necessary.

the document reads:

Oxford Circus Group Level 1 meeting 05/11/09

The next level1 meeting for the Oxford Circus is on 05/11/09.
If any member has any issues they want me to raise please email me.

One of issues I will be raising again is the 28 day rule from the AAW(Attendance at Work policy).

Meeting with Management? Your Right to an Alternative Date

Sometimes, you may be unable to attend a disciplinary/grievance/etc meeting at the time/date scheduled by management. Because of this, an alternative date/time can be arranged. It seems to be standard practice on London Underground that management set the alternative, which could cause you problems if neither date is suitable.

RMT re-ballot of 10,000 Tube and TfL workers over jobs, pay and breaches of agreements starts today

RMT press release, issued today

THE TUBE’S biggest union today began a re-ballot of nearly 10,000 members across London Underground and Transport for London for strike action in separate disputes centred on jobs, pay and breaches of disciplinary and attendance agreements.

Willesden Green post Industrial action report

Happily, the industrial action between Wednesday 8th April and Thursday 9th April 2009 was a success.

Willesden Green - A Manager With a Past?

The manager at the centre or RMT's dispute on Willesden Green group of stations is the same manager who was at the centre of a dispute with ASLEF at North Greenwich depot in 2004.

A Message to Willesden Green Group Passengers

Dear Customer,

The RMT wishes to inform you that its members on the Willesden Green Group have voted to withdraw their labour from 18.49 Wednesday 8th April until 18.48 on Thursday 9th April 2009.

(The Willesden Green Group includes the stations between Dollis Hill and St. John’s Wood).

A message from Station staff on the Willesden Green Group - Don't Cover our Duties

Please don’t cover any of our duties that book on from 1859 on Weds 8th April to 1859 Thurs 9th April as we are on strike because of the following issues

● Sacking staff with disabilities even though they are fit to work
● The bullying of staff on attendance and disciplinary issues

Willesden Green Group - Station Staff name Strike date

Following an overwhelmimg yes vote for Industrial action and London Undergrounds refusal to invite the Equality and Human Rights Commission to investigate Managements discriminatory and abusive treatment of our members,a strike has been called as follows:

Management's View on Attendance

Below this story is an email sent from a senior HR manager which clearly shows how LUL are treating their staff concerning attendance, despite Gerry Duffy of LU Employee relations stating that the RMT has no proof of LU's abuse of policies.

Fight Back for Jobs, Pay and Justice: Why RMT is Balloting its Members for Industrial Action

From Bob Crow, RMT General Secretary - click on the file name below to download and print this.


Dear Colleagues