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Letters to RMT members, whether from RMT head office, your Stations & Revenue Council reps, or your local reps.

Signal September/October 2011

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The Pay Offer (what it is and what is happening).

Barbican returns to SS3 but what about the rostered Supers there? The rep believes they should be able to remain there on their SS2 salary. LUL disagree's.

Opening Staff Lockers - Train side seem to have a procedure for this station side does not.

The Hammersmith & City Branch AGM.

"Hard times still to come but it will only be made easier if we stand together" - New Year Message from Malcolm Taylor

2010 was a tough year for our members with increases in workloads due to the amount of vacancies not being filled by the company, and facing the prospect of mass job cuts, displacements and a huge ramp up from management in sending people to company disciplinary interviews (where a vast majority of these ending in sackings), so it is with pride that I see our membership is still solid and remains the majority voice within LU.

Management's Response and our Failure to Agree: Job Cuts and Roster 2010

Dear Colleagues you may remember the details of our collective grievance from back in August 2010 if not you can find them by following this link: http://www.rmtplatform.org.uk/node/857.
The GSM has now provided a response which I have repudiated today. Please take a look. It’s six pages long, but it will give you a clear idea of what I’ve been up to in level 1 meetings.

Management’s Case for Transferring CSAs Falling Apart

From Jared Wood, RMT Industrial Relations Rep, to all RMT members on Rickmansworth Group

RMT has told LU we are in dispute over Transfer Threat

At the last level 2 meeting to discuss the threat to transfer 8 CSAs away from Rickmansworth group management claimed that all 8 had signed letters that told them they may be given a temporary position on their first group.