Stop The BNP

Opposing the anti-working-class bigots and fascists of the British National Party (BNP).

Stop The BNP meeting

On April 11th in association with the East Ham Branch a meeting is being held at the Barking Theater at 18:30. I urge all reps and Activists to come and show your support for this cause.

Bob Crow will be speaking on this issue at the meeting.

If you work on the East Ham Group itself then the idea of Nick Griffin getting voted in must send shivers down your spine. Imagine daily marches by neo nazi thugs harrassing both staff and passengers and the council itself approving them. This is what we have to look forward to if we dont make a stand.

Easthammer Issue 4

New Issue of Easthammer Uploaded things have been relatively quiet down this neck of the woods then along comes an announcement and I have enough to fill two sides.

Among the issues are :
£5 minimum Top Up
TSSA Agreeing to stick by RMT (Just a rumour I heard on the news)????
Staff Our Stations
BNP Court Ruling
and a few random bits and pieces

Please distribute across your groups

I have sent Approx 30 to Reps at Tower Hill and Embankment

Together we can fight this


BNP membership List Revealed

Tonights news revealed the entire BNP membership list has been leaked onto the internet !!
A police officer, more than a dozen soldiers, a vicar and a Chelsea pensioner have been named on a list purporting to comprise the entire membership of the British National Party.

They were exposed after bloggers posted around 10,000 names, together with home addresses, home and mobile telephone numbers, email addreses ,jobs and even hobbies on the internet.

The leak led some BNP members to fear that they may lose their jobs or face other reprisals

Stop the Fascist 'Red, White and Blue' Festival

RMT is a backing a big protest against the fascist BNP this month, and offering a free lift to any RMT member who wants to join this important event. RMT's Annual General Meeting voted unanimously to back the protest against the BNP's 'Red, White and Blue' festival, recognising that the growth of the BNP is a threat to working-class unity and to trade unionism.

RMT Resolves to Fight the BNP

This resolution on Fighting The BNP was passed unanimously at last week's RMT Annual General Meeting.

This union believes that the fascist British National Party is fundamentally an anti-working-class party: it is also racist, anti-semitic, sexist and homophobic. Everything that the BNP stands for is against the interests of the labour and trade union movement.

We believe that two of the main factors that have enabled the BNP to grow are: