Union reps

RMT members need and are entitiled to representatives. This section of the website contains advice and information for union reps, including briefings on various aspects of your role and how you can be more effective.
RMT reps are entitled to certain time off from work to carry out their duties, and certain facilities to carry out their role. This section also you informed of reps' rights, and updated about RMT's efforts to get fair numbers of reps recognised, and to get reps the release and facilities that they need.

RMT Defends LU Stations Reps Numbers

RMT General Grades Committee decision about London Underground Machinery of Negotiation and Consutlation:

“We note that following the job-cutting OSP, which reduced the number of station groups from 42 to 37, London Underground management has unilaterally declared a reduction in the number of RMT representatives. Their action in doing so is completely outside the agreed processes.

Useful ways to keep members informed

Hi all

It was brought to my attention that not everyone’s a geek like me, and some don’t have a clue what a podcast is, where to get one, or how to make one. So for possibly the first time ever, I'm going to do a post that’s going to be a bit educational and maybe prompt someone to do a podcast for their own group or branch.

So let's look into my ways of keeping members informed (if they listen is another issue altogether).

Obviously you have the standard newsletter and sending out emails so I won't go into that.


Management Refuse Second RMT Rep on Expanded Liverpool Street Group

The Machinery of Negotiation and Consultation - the agreement that sets out how London Underground's trade unions and management talk to each other - states that in the event of a reorganisation of a group or a significant change in staff numbers or union membership, the number of reps may be changed.

STRIKE ACTION SUSPENDED - London Underground: Victimisation of Reps and Activists


Dear Colleagues,

I write to advise members that all strike action that was due to commence next week has been suspended following talks with the company. All RMT Train Operators and Instructor Operators are instructed to work normally. A summary of the agreement reached is as follows: -

RMT Denounces LU's Sacking of Stations Rep

Extract from the RMT General Grades Committee's decision on Wednesday 19 January, the day that London Underground sacked our Green Park group rep, Peter Hartshorn ...

We are disgusted to hear that London Underground has summarily dismissed our representative Peter Hartshorn on trumped up charges of swearing at a manager despite witnesses stating otherwise. The alleged incident took place while Peter was carrying out trade union duties and it is clear that the company has victimised him for his activities as a representative of this union.

RMT and TSSA Joint statement to level 1 reps regarding the Collective Grievance reviews

Management have issued their proposed OSP rosters, due to commence from the 6th February. These rosters have not been agreed by the trade unions, which remain firmly against the job cuts and firmly against the proposed rosters - for many reasons, which are being discussed at the four reviews which are currently underway under the auspices of ACAS.

Machinery of Negotiation and Consultation

From Bob Crow, RMT General Secretary

Correspondence was received from management concerning the levels of representation on LUL. This has now been considered by the General Grades Committee and the following decision has been taken:-

“That we note the correspondence from LUL in relation to new Station Groups and Trade Union representation.

Your Right to be Accompanied to Disciplinary and Grievance Hearings

Section 10.1(a) of the Employment Relations Act 1999 states:

Right to be accompanied

(1) This section applies where a worker—

(a) is required or invited by his employer to attend a disciplinary or grievance hearing, and

(b) reasonably requests to be accompanied at the hearing.

(2) Where this section applies the employer must permit the worker to be accompanied at the hearing by a single companion who—

(a) is chosen by the worker and is within subsection (3),

Level One Meetings: A Guide for Reps

Click '2 attachments' / file names to download this guide as a PDF, and to download the level 1 referral form.

As a Representative you are entitled to have a Level 1 meeting with your employing manager (GSM/TOM/SCM) four times a year ie. every three months. Ensure that the GSM/TOM sticks to this schedule.

Training: Producing a Workplace RMT Newsletter

To all RMT workplace representatives

Want to communicate more effectively with the RMT members you represent? Want to be able to report back on negotiations and other union duties, explain how management's latest plans affect your particular workplace, put together an attractive newsletter? Maybe you understand the importance of effective printed material but feel you don't have the skills to do it yourself?

Fact-finding interviews. Representation denied.

Dear Colleagues,

I am hearing more and more reports of members being called to attend fact-finding interviews whilst being denied RMT representation.

I have recently been given a document which comes with a message from the General Secretary on one side, and a proforma on the other. I have copied the proforma into a word document and attached it below. As soon as I am able I shall attach a pdf document with this blog entry. Please find the attached word document, and use it whenever necessary.

the document reads:

Training for RMT Reps

National Education Centre, Doncaster

Bob Crow writes ...

I have arranged a series of training courses for our elected representatives that will be held throughout the first quarter of 2010.

The courses are for our reps who have never attended a five day RMT residential before.

Our ‘General Reps Course’ focuses on the role of an RMT rep and cover all the basics including recruitment & retention, providing advocacy at disciplinary and grievance hearings and negotiation.

Timescale: Stations & Revenue Council / Health & Safety Council elections

  • Nominations open: Thursday 3rd September
  • Nominations close: Wednesday 14th October
  • Ballots open: Thursday 22nd October
  • Ballots close: Wednesday 2nd December

To stand for the Stations and Revenue Council, you must be a level one representative. Two posts will be elected, both to serve a term of three years: 2010, 2011, 2012.

Appointments with Members on Rep's Rest Day

If management schedule a meeting with a member of staff at which s/he is entitled to be represented -
eg. LDI, case conference, grievance hearing, appeal, flexible working discussion, etc - on the local union rep's rest day, then either
(a) the rep will attend and be allocated an alternative rest day; or
(b) the meeting should be rescheduled to a day on which the rep is at work.

Representation Out of Hours?

If you are a union rep, and management schedule your union duties outside you rostered hours - eg. arranging a member's LDI at 16:00 on a day when you are on an early turn finishing at 15:00 - then you should get "time off in lieu". Your union duties are part of the company's legal responsibilities, so should be carried out in their time, not yours.