RMT policy

What RMT believes - and resolves to do - about various issues.

Boycott AFM Functionality Expansion-Jobs Depend on it

LU Management have informed the TU’s that they will be expanding the AFM Functionality to CSA’s.This now means that both CSA’s and SAMF’s will be expected to carry out ticket selling activities outside of the Ticket Offices,something which RMT are opposed to.LU have told us that they will initially be running a ‘pilot’ on a voluntary basis at Bank Station and also using SRT staff across the network from December to early January and thereafter will introduce it company wide.The first thing that CSA’s must remember is that their Job Description does not include or allow for the selling of

National Station and Associated Grades Liason Commitee-meeting.

On September 16th 2008, 1400, RMT head office, the Liason Commitee meeting of the National Station and Associated Grades Conference will take place. This meeting is to discuss progress of motions and conference. Whilest any voting can only take place by the elected commitee, visitors are most welcome to come and take part in the debate and share ideas.

Supporting Local RMT Reps

At its meeting in May, RMT's London Transport Regional Council agreed to do more to support local RMT representatives. Below is the text of the resolution passed. We are already working on implementing it - the Regional Council Executive is organising a conference and training day on 29 August; and the Stations & Revenue Council has tabled demands to LUL management for better release and facilities for local reps.


RMT Resolves to Fight the BNP

This resolution on Fighting The BNP was passed unanimously at last week's RMT Annual General Meeting.

This union believes that the fascist British National Party is fundamentally an anti-working-class party: it is also racist, anti-semitic, sexist and homophobic. Everything that the BNP stands for is against the interests of the labour and trade union movement.

We believe that two of the main factors that have enabled the BNP to grow are:

RMT Responds to Labour's Election Disasters: Demand a Working-Class Voice in Politics!

Delegates to RMT's Annual General Meeting last week unanimously agreed the following resolution, which had been submitted by the union's Stratford no.1 branch.

This union notes the disastrous results for the Labour Party in the May 1st elections. We believe that working class voters have deserted the Labour Party because it has abandoned working class people through its policies of cuts, privatisation, war and lining the pockets of the rich at the expense of the poor and low paid.

We are also appalled at the advances made by the fascist BNP in these elections.

RMT AGM Demands More Rights For Reserves

RMT's Annual General Meeting, a national gathering of delegates held in Nottingham this week, has passed a resolution demanding more rights for reserve staff. The resolution, which was submitted by the union's Women's Conference, is as follows:

This Conference believes that anti-social shifts and short notice duty changes are the bane of many rail and transport workers' lives. Reserve/cover/pool workers suffer particularly with being messed about by management and this makes life difficult for workers with caring responsibilities, most (but not all) or whom are women.

RMT Region Sets Timescale For Pay Campaign

RMT's London Transport Regional Council has launched its campaign for a decent pay rise when our current deal runs out next April. It has set a timescale whereby rank-and-file members will have a say in what the union asks for, and which should ensure that we are not kept waiting months for our pay rise as in previous years.

Your branch will be discussing this issue over the next two months. So go along and take part.

The Regional Council meeting on Thursday 29 May unanimously adopted the following resolution from Stratford no.1 branch ...