Solidarity With Israeli and Palestinian Workers

Opposing Israel's occupation of Palestinian territories; promoting unity and solidarity with Israeli and Palestinian workers.

Stop Israel Railways Sacking Arab Workers

Last month, Israel Railways, a state-owned company, launched a new policy denying employment to railroad crossing guards who have no permit to carry weapons - that is: who have not served in the Israeli army. This policy will lead to the lay-off of the approximately 150 Arab railway workers who monitor and maintain Israel's level crossings.

Please Support Young Israeli Army Refusers

Seven Israeli teenagers are refusing to serve in Israel's army because they object to Israel's occupation of Palestinian territories. Known as the Shministim, they are all 18 or 19 years old, have been called up for military service but have refused to go, and are now in prison.

RMT Pledges Solidarity With Israeli and Palestinian Workers

This policy on Israel / Palestine was passed by RMT's 2008 Annual General Meeting.