Bakerloo Line branch

This branch includes all RMT members who work on the Bakerloo Line - stations, revenue and trains.

It meets at 16:00 on the first Thursday of each month in <a href="">The Clachan</a> on Kingly Street, near Oxford Circus. Click <a href="|W1B5QH">here</a> for a map.

Marylebone, ready for a scrap!

From Bakerloo branch RMT newsletter ...

Having seen the proposed new rosters at Marylebone, staff there are ready for strike action. The proposed roster will get rid of one member of gateline staff and one SAMF leaving just one person to staff the gateline during the morning peak.

More Support From Passengers

"I wanted to protest vigorously at the planned cut of staff at Warwick Avenue Station.

"This very busy station is important to all its users- tourists, locals, business people travelling at peak times. It has been the target of many incidents prevented by the attendance of its vigilant and kind staff

"I feel that it is important to keep it adequately staffed at all times."

Ann Futter

Hello from your health & safety Rep Gary Mottram

Hello to you all to you all just write to say that I have now started using this web site to communicate what issues I am currently dealing with as your Health & Safety Rep.

The next Health & Safety level one is Thursday 30th October. This is a meeting were the GSM & Health & Safety reps discuss any Health & Safety issues occurring on the group.

Ex-Silverlink Stations: Management Attack Core Supervisor Role

London Underground management are trying to whittle away the core roles of a Station Supervisor by creating a part-qualified Supervisor grade on the ex-Silverlink stations. RMT believes that this is both unfair on the staff who will take up these Supervisor jobs and a threat to the Station Supervisor grade in general. We are insisting that all Station Supervisor grades must continue to receive the full core Supervisor training and not be de-skilled.

Marylebone Latest

Following the 6 referrals from the Marylebone group regarding breaches of the framework, an ad-hoc Stations & Revenue Council meeting is scheduled for the 17th March.

What hours do you work?

I may be proven wrong but last time I checked, we on LUL work five days a week and have a framework in place to stop us working excessive hours/days. Not so if you work on the Marylebone group!

Government Puts Flexible Working Rights Extension On Hold

This resolution was unanimously agreed by RMT's National Women's Advisory Committee on 11 November, having been submitted by Bakerloo and Central Line West branches. It will now go to the union's Executive for their consideration.

This union is appalled at the announcement by Peter Mandelson that the government's plans to extend flexible working rights to parents of all children under 16 have been put on hold due to the economic crisis.

Government Bails out the Bosses - What about the Workers?

Nicked and condensed from the Bakerloo branch newsletter

Capitalism is in crisis: world markets collapse, banks are part-nationalised and the government bails out big business to the tune of billions of pounds. Naturally the talk in the mess room is “what’s happening with the pay negotiations?”

Workers on the Tube want to safeguard our livelihood. Many workers are mortgaged up to the eyeballs and seeing our homes sink into negative equity. But will London’s Tube workers be treated as favourably as London’s bankers?