Bakerloo Line branch

This branch includes all RMT members who work on the Bakerloo Line - stations, revenue and trains.

It meets at 16:00 on the first Thursday of each month in <a href="">The Clachan</a> on Kingly Street, near Oxford Circus. Click <a href="|W1B5QH">here</a> for a map.

Brand new rep on the group

Following an amazing turnout for the voting at the last Branch our new rep on the group is CSA Andy Bone you can contact him on 07866-685930. I hope you will all give Andy your full support in his new role

Jerome Bowes

Update on Jerome, his Employment tribunal has been postponed for 2 months. We are having a collection for him on the group and if you wish to contribute please contact SS Sandiford or SS Murphy at Elephant and Castle for more details.

Drivers: Vote Yes to Defend Jerome Bowes

Bakerloo line RMT branch has produced this special newsletter following the circulation of a fake 'RMT' notice designed to get drivers not to support Jerome.

The text is below. The newsletter is attached as a PDF.


use your vote - yote YES!

All drivers are reminded that the ballot for strike action closes on September 10th. Please return your ballot paper with a yes vote.

Continuing the fight for Brother Bowes

Whist the Union looks to ballot Drivers, Station staff on the Charing cross group carried out another 24 hours of industrial action in support of Jerome Bowes.

RMT condemns Tube's 'cavalier' attitude to safety as 23 people spend nearly 1½ hours stuck in lift during station-staff strike

RMT press release, issued today

LONDON UNDERGROUND'S biggest union today condemned the company's cavalier attitude to safety after it emerged that 23 passengers, including a child, were trapped in a lift at Elephant and Castle station for nearly an hour-and-a-half on Friday night.

The passengers' ordeal, which began at around 21:30, was prolonged unnecessarily because inexperienced and inadequately trained managers drafted in to scab on striking station staff had been left in charge, RMT said today.

RMT station staff on Tube’s East Ham and Charing Cross station groups to strike tomorrow in separate disputes

RMT press release, issued today

RMT Station Staff working at eleven Tube stations between Plaistow and Upminster on London Underground’s District Line and at Elephant and Castle, Charing Cross and Lambeth North on the Bakerloo are to strike for 24 hours from 04:30 tomorrow, Friday August 22 in two separate disputes.

Re-instate Jerome Bowes! Station Staff - Strike Again!

RMT members on the Charing Cross Group can be proud of the tremendous support shown for their colleague, Jerome Bowes during the strike held in July. Only 3 members of staff showed up for work and it was down to managers and RCI’s to keep the stations open.

Strike day 1 and our brothers assaulted

Only three non-members came into work on Sunday/Monday causing the Management to cover stations with th RCi's, DSM's and office staff which showed great support for our sacked colleague Jerome Bowes.

Station staff at Charing Cross, Lambeth North and Elephant and Castle to strike from tonight over unfair sacking

RMT press release, issued today

AROUND 100 RMT Tube station staff at Elephant and Castle, Charing Cross and Lambeth North are to strike for 24 hours from 19:00 tonight to demand the re-instatement of a colleague dismissed after defending himself against a violent assault on New Year's Eve.

Jerome Bowes strike!

STRIKE Announced!

Following the disgraceful way in which Jerome Bowes was sacked, RMT members on the Charing Cross group have voted in favour by 90 percent for industrial action in support of Jerome.

Ex-Silverlink staff: who do they work for??

Stations and Revenue functional reps and the local rep on the Wembley Central group had a meeting on Tuesday 15th to discuss the absolute disgraceful rosters which the ex-silverlink staff are currently working. The staff are still working to rosters from the old days under the Silverlink which in most cases mean a minimum of a six day week and some almost unlimited days working!! One example shows only one fixed Rest day in a four week roster!

Stand up for Brother Bowes - You could be next - VOTE YES!

From the new Bakerloo Line RMT newsletter - you can download the newsletter by clicking on the file name below.

RMT Council of Executives has formally supported Jerome Bowes after being sacked by LUL during an incident on new years eve 2007.

Bakerloo Newsletter July 2008: Defend Jerome Bowes

Jerome BowesThe new issue of Bakerloo line branch's newsletter urges readers to defend Jerome Bowes, sacked Elephant & Castle CSA. It also reports on management breaking the Framework Agreement for ex-Silverlink staff and on several issues for drivers.

Download it here.

Bakerloo Newsletter April 2008: Help Build The Strike

April's Bakerloo News celebrates the vote by RMT members for industrial action to stop casualisation, urges members to come to the branch to help plan action, and explains why the issues at stake affect us all.

It also reports on the Metronet dispute, and urges readers to say 'No' to BoJo - Boris Johnson, the Tory candidate for Mayor.

Bakerloo Newsletter March 2008: Vote Yes!

The latest issue of Bakerloo News urges all members to vote Yes in the ballot for industrial action against casualisation.

It also challenges management's positive portrayal of life on the ex-Silverlink stations, reports on the detrainment dispute, and gives a drivers' view of management's plan to move tipping out from Willesden Junction to Stonebridge Park.

Bakerloo Detrainment Strike

Detrainment staff on the Bakerloo line took a third day of strike action on 26th October in their campaign to stop management imposing lone working - and gave out leaflets explaining their case to the public.