Stratford no.1 branch

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Bank group collective grievance


Below is the collective grievance submitted by the union reps [RMT and TSSA on the Bank group listing the reasons to why we object on the effects the job cutting plans that we will have on the staffing levels and rosters.

Leaflet for passengers: Woodford and Epping stations

RMT members will be giving out leaflets to passengers at Loughton and Hainault stations. Click '1 attachment' / file name (below) to view and download the leaflet, and in you print it out, cut it in half! You can read the text below.


London Underground plans to:

  • cut 35 staff at the stations in this area (Snaresbook and Fairlop to Epping)

Campaigning Against Job Cuts

bannerA dozen RMT reps and activists leafleted passengers coming in and out of Bank station yesterday, Monday 12 April. They dished out hundreds of leaflets and invited people to sign RMT's petition against the job cuts. After just an hour, several sheets of the petition were full of names.

RMT will be appearing outside various stations over the coming weeks, giving out leaflets and collecting signatures. Keep checking back to this website for dates and details - and join us if you can!

Bank group: Hands off our ticket offices!

A Bank/Monument SAMF explains why London Underground should not be cutting ticket office staff and opening hours on the group ...


  1. The job cuts victimise ticket office staff.
  2. Current staffing levels are inadequate to meet local needs.
  3. Bank/Monument complex requires at least current staffing levels to deal with existing ticketing issues.
  4. Ticket office staff are the only ones who can offer the best customer service on ticketing issues.
  5. There are too many flaws with the Oyster system now that it has expanded.
  6. Most Oyster problems can only be resolved at ticket offices; other outlets eg. shops, online and helpdesk can not do this, and do not offer a personal service.
  7. Customer numbers are growing, there so are the problems due to the complicated Oyster system.
  8. We can not continue working under pressure, with little job satisfaction, concerns over job security and very low morale.

Proposed Station Groups Reorganisation: Details for the Central line

London Underground's proposed new groups for the Central line are as follows:

Greenford - West Ruislip, Ruislip Gardens, South Ruislip, Northolt, Greenford, Perivale, Hanger Lane, Ealing Broadway, West Acton, North Acton, East Acton, White City, Shepherd's Bush - 13 stations, c.135 staff

  • This is the current Greenford group with White City and Shepherd's Bush stations added. Greenford group currently has 102 staff; White City has 14, Shepherd's Bush 25, and their share of their current group's reserve is around 14. Total = 155. So, management's proposals represent the loss of around 20 jobs on these stations.

East End of the Central Line: How Job-Cut Plan Affects Us

London Underground's plans for slashing station staffing - leaked last week by RMT - will directly affect our station staff in two major ways. Firstly, virtually all our ticket offices will close, with shedloads of jobs lost. Secondly, Barkingside group will be disbanded and its stations reallocated to Leyton and Buckhurst Hill groups.

Defend Station and Revenue Jobs

SOSThis resolution, submitted by Stratford no.1 branch, was passed unanimously by the October meeting of RMT's London Transport Regional Council. So let's get on with carrying out! Ideas and comments welcome.

1. London Underground is currently pursuing several policies which lead us to believe that the company intends to cut stations and revenue jobs within the next few years, including:
- not covering duties where rostered staff are unavailable
- not filling vacancies on stations, and in the RCI grade
- driving custom away from ticket office windows eg. £5 minimum Oyster top-up, reduction in range of tickets on sale, inducements to buy elsewhere, station refurbs excluding or reducing ticket office windows, even changing signs from "tickets" to "information"!
- the 2007 Rule Book reducing Station Supervisor duties, particularly during engineering hours
- the situation on Wembley Central group, which uses agency staff and security guards, and only has full Supervisor cover at three stations
- the use and abuse of the Special Requirements Team to substitute for resident station staff

MSS Shoppers - An open letter from Stratford no 1 Branch

This is an open letter from Stratford No 1 branch to Steve Hedley (RMT Regional Organiser) and all members regarding 'Mystery Shopping Surveys' and managements treatment of staff.

Dear Steve Hedley,

At our last branch meeting, several stations reps and activists raised the issue of increasing management pressure on members.

Bank Escalator Replacement Works

Below is an email that I posted to management across the combine so that they could try and understand the severe issues that are ongoing at Bank due to escalator refurbishment. There are currently a range of issues that are affecting the smooth running of the station. The main concern is staffing levels and the idea by management that SRT staff can fulfill the role of rostered/reserve staff. As yet I have not received any feedback from any manager from DSM/GSM level up to Howard Collins, although I am told the content of the email has been discussed behind closed doors.