Hammersmith & City Line branch

June July Edition of Signal for Liverpool Street Group

Dear Colleagues,

In this June/July edition of SIGNAL you will find information and articles on:

Framework Agreement 22a (which outline what management can and CANNOT ask you to do on stations. Very important to read this part.
New H&S rep for Liverpool Street Group.
Letters of Suitable Advice.
Positive results from taking local action.
Dry Cleaning Tokens.

Liverpool Street Group Job Losses

Dear Colleagues,
This morning I met with the GSM who presented me and the TSSA rep with the new rosters.

As we look at our local predicament we must not lose sight of the attack on jobs in other locations, and the fact that our nightmare has become reality for someone somewhere on the combine.

The Questionable Practices of SIS

SIS have been doing the rounds at stations, asking questions, giving out questionable information, and reporting on staff attitudes to Management - everyword seemingly unquestioned.

Read the attachment for a fuller account and suggestions for dealing with spies.

Introducing your new rep.

I was elected as industrial rep for the Liverpool Street Group in May this year. The following is my introduction which was sent round to all station on the group.

If you have any issues that you would like to discuss with me please email them to me.

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Signal September/October 2011

In this edition read about:

The Pay Offer (what it is and what is happening).

Barbican returns to SS3 but what about the rostered Supers there? The rep believes they should be able to remain there on their SS2 salary. LUL disagree's.

Opening Staff Lockers - Train side seem to have a procedure for this station side does not.

The Hammersmith & City Branch AGM.

Mind the Reality Gap when it comes to cleaning uniform.

Gerry Duffy's recent letter to Bob Crow about uniform cleaning token shows that there is a great divide between what management think they know and what it actually the case.

SIGNAL August Edition

Dear Colleagues in this edition of SIGNAL you can read about:

• The idea of using reasonable force/ and counter attack
• Olympic rewards and recognition (from Stations Functional Council)
• Barbican and Farringdon Upgrade/downgrade developments (from Stations Functional Council)
• Wheelchair user evac training – a Health and Safety Bulletin

1st installment of SIGNAL for 2011,.

Includes a special letter from Malcolm Taylor the Staff Side Secretary.

Management's Response and our Failure to Agree: Job Cuts and Roster 2010

Dear Colleagues you may remember the details of our collective grievance from back in August 2010 if not you can find them by following this link: http://www.rmtplatform.org.uk/node/857.
The GSM has now provided a response which I have repudiated today. Please take a look. It’s six pages long, but it will give you a clear idea of what I’ve been up to in level 1 meetings.

Overtime Ban Liverpool Street Group

Dear Colleagues,

Sudden Impact

Collective grievance King's Cross

Collective grievance from King's Cross

Our fundamental objections are to:
Loss of 12 f/t CSA posts, two p/t CSA posts, two CCA posts and seven rostered SAMF posts, with a consequent reduction of reserve SAMF posts.

Proposed Job Cuts: Paddington Group

  • 2 x S/S
  • 4 x SAMFs
  • 29 x CSAs

For the Record: Liverpool Street Group Newsletter Ballot & Job Cuts

Dear Colleague the latest newsletter for the Liverpool Street Group is attached.

Collective Grievance for Liverpool Street Group

Our fundamental objections are to:

1 full time SAMF to go!
SAMFs no longer a 0700-1100 duty, it is no 0615-1400 with a 0515 start on some Thursdays.

1 full time CSA to go!
reduction in weekends for CSAs
2 duties to cover at Liverpool Street station – which may be seen as a further dilution of rostered status.
1 full time CSA job to go
Fewer weekends off

Criticism of the Proposed Ticket office Roster for Liverpool Street Station

One of the SAMFs at Liverpool Street Station and a recent recruit to the RMT Union supplied me with some excellent criticism of the proposed job cuts and roster, he wrote:

For the Record Job Cuts Special Edition

The special edition of For The Record list job cuts.

King's Cross ticket office cuts

Finally, LU has spilled the beans as to its intentions for the King's Cross ticket offices, which it left out of the original details for ticket office cuts.. Here are the gory details (current times in brackets).

Monday – Thursday
• Northern Entrance Ticket Office 07:00-22:30 (05:00-01:00)
• Tube Entrance Ticket Office 05:00-00:45 (05:00-01:00)

Hammersmith & City branch meeting

The next Hammersmith & City branch meeting will take place on Wednesday 5th May from 5pm at the Exmouth Arms, 1, Starcross Street, Euston, NW1 2HR. The nearest tube stations are Euston and Euston Square.