Camden no.3 branch

Olympic Recognition And Reward – Transport For London (london Underground)

I am writing to advise members that following further talks at ACAS, a final proposal was tabled over Olympic Recognition and Reward for London Underground members. A meeting took place with 150 of your representatives at the end of last week to consult on this offer and the General Grades Committee has decided the following: -

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Collective Grievance from Edgware Group against proposed rosters

We wish to submit a collective grievance against the proposed rosters as this appears to be our only avenue to raise objections against changes to our stations operation, staffing numbers, provision of customer service and service levels. Therefore, the proposed rosters submitted to our TU Representatives on the 05/08/10 are unacceptable for the reasons detailed below.

Proposed Job Cuts: Goodge Street newsletter

Click '1 attachment' / file name to download a joint RMT/TSSA leaflet for Goodge Street group, outlining the proposed job cuts for the group and the devastating effect they would have.

Job Cuts: Goodge Street group

London Underground plans to cut the following posts on Goodge Street group:

  • 5 full-time SAMFs
  • 5 full-time CSAs
  • 2 full-time reserve CSAs
  • 2 full-time reserve SAMF


The changes we face and how to challenge them

Job Cuts: Camden Town group

London Underground is planning to cut the following posts on Camden Town group

  • 12 full-time SAMFs
  • 3 full-time CSAs
  • 4 full-time reserve SAMFs

Job Cuts: Finchley Central group

London Underground plans to cut the following posts on Finchley Central group:

  • 9 full-time SAMFs
  • 2 part-time SAMFs
  • 1 full-time CSA
  • 3 full-time reserve SAMFs


Collective Grievance

Proposed Roster Changes

Job Cuts: Edgware group

London Underground plans to cut the following posts on Edgware group:

  • 6 full-time SAMFs
  • 1 part-time SAMF
  • 1 part-time CSA
  • 2 full-time reserve SAMFs

RMT demands investigation as Euston escalator fire exposes lethal consequences of axing tube station staff

TUBE UNION RMT today demanded a full external investigation into an escalator fire at Euston station four weeks ago where smoke detection systems failed and the station was only safely evacuated through the experience and vigilance of station-based staff. RMT have this morning referred the matter to the safety regulator the Office of Rail Regulation (ORR).

Leaflet for passengers: East Finchley and Golders Green stations

RMT members will be giving out leaflets to passengers at East Finchley and Golders Green stations. Click '1 attachment' / file name (below) to view and download the leaflet, and in you print it out, cut it in half! You can read the text below.


London Underground plans to:

  • cut 28 staff at the stations in this area (Kentish Town to High Barnet)

Station Groups Re-organisation: Details for the Northern Line

London Underground's proposed new groups for the Northern line are as follows:

Edgware - Edgware, Burnt Oak, Colindale, Hendon Central, Brent Cross, Golders Green, Hampstead, Belsize Park, Chalk Farm - 9 stations, c.125 staff

  • This is the current Edgware group, with Chalk Farm added. Currently, Edgware group has 123 staff; Chalk Farm has 14 staff, and its stare of its current group's reserve is around 5. Total = 142. So, management's proposals represent the loss of around 17 jobs on these stations.

Goodge Street Group News, March 2010

Your rep’s report of the main issues at the level one meeting between local reps and management on 17th February.
Read the report below, or click '1 attachment' / file name to download it as a PDF.

SRT covering SATS - again!
The SRT framework agreement states SRT should not cover any rostered duties unless the station falls below minimum numbers at short notice.

Driving Customers away from Euston Ticket Office

On 31st August, the minimum £5 Oyster top up trial came to Euston.

Local unions reps and staff were not warned. This is a new practice on the group and we should have been consulted. Your RMT rep has objected to this, but still the trial goes ahead.

Both RMT and TSSA strongly oppose this scheme.

RMT Goodge Street group news

The new issue of RMT Goodge Street group news addresses members' questions about the current industrial action ballot, and provides updates on local issues.

Click '1 attachment' / file name to download it.