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Black and ethnic minority workers

Opposing discrimination against black and ethnic minority workers, and challenging racism in society in general.

Olympic Recognition And Reward – Transport For London (london Underground)

I am writing to advise members that following further talks at ACAS, a final proposal was tabled over Olympic Recognition and Reward for London Underground members. A meeting took place with 150 of your representatives at the end of last week to consult on this offer and the General Grades Committee has decided the following: -

Anti-racist Olympics Legends Back Dayna’s Fight for Justice

Dayna - we stand with you 1000%. We just wish we could be there with you in your appeals meeting and stand by your side. This is about right vs. wrong and you are on the side of right.
All our love and respect.
John Carlos and Dave Zirin"

Organisational Strategic Plan (OSP) Equality Review

Report to RMT stations representatives from Janine Booth


  • London Underground does not consider the needs of equalities groups when calculating its station staffing levels.
  • LU's methods for collecting information, categorising passenger journeys and assessing data are deeply flawed and fail to account for equality issues.

LU's Latest Equality Assessment of its Job Cuts is "Shocking" and "Inadequate"

In light of discussions so far at the Equality review, London Underground has revised its Equality Impact Assessment (EqIA) for staff only. (We have asked the company to also revise its EqIA for passengers.)

OSP Equality Review - Update

RMT (and TSSA) reps met London Underground management on Monday 21 March as part of the Equality review of the OSP (job cuts). Report from RMT Council of Executives member Janine Booth,

RMT Objects as London Underground Claims Job Cuts Benefit Elderly, Disabled and Other Passengers

As a public body, London Underground has to carry out an assessment of the impact of any new policy on various equality issues. The attached file is LU's Equality Impact Assessment (EQIA) for its current OSP (policy of cutting 800 mainly-stations jobs). Below is the response to this document that I have written on behalf of RMT. You will see from this that LU's EQIA falls woefully short, and ignores key equality issues.

Report: Job Cuts Equalities Review

The latest meeting of the Equalities strand of the OSP (job cuts) review, on Tuesday 1 March, revealed that London Underground does not consider the needs of equalities groups when calculating its station staffing levels. RMT secured agreement from LU to consider revising these calculations to include equalities considerations.

Reinstate Mercy Odisi!

Mercy OdisiUpdate: London Underground has upheld Mercy's outrageous sacking at her appeal. Mercy's RMT branch - Finsbury Park - will discuss what action they will organise to demand her reinstatement at their meeting this Friday, 20 November.

Click '1 attachment' / file name to download a special issue of 'RMT Platform'. Read the text below.

London Underground has sacked Green Park SAMF Mercy Odisi, accusing her of failing to account for around £400.

But Mercy wasn’t even told there was a discrepancy on her account until more than three months after it happened!

From then on, there was a catalogue of injustice in how management investigated and prosecuted this case. On 8 October, LUL sacked Mercy. Her appeal was held on 30 October; the result is due by 13 November.

Mercy Odisi is innocent. She has been fitted up, treated like a thief with no evidence to back up such allegations.

Mercy’s sacking is a clear miscarriage of justice.

Discrimination Legislation: An Introduction

This text is from trade union solicitors OH Parsons, and is the introductory section to its specific guides to the law on discrimination in employment. It sets out the basics of how this legislation works - and its limits! The specific guides will be posted on this website in due course.

General Secretary's Report: Black and Minority Ethnic Issues

This is the section of the section of the General Secretary's report to RMT's 2009 AGM concerning the the union's work on black and ethnic minority workers' issues ...


Stop Victimising Elaine!

RMT has demanded that London Underground stop its victimisation of Waterloo station staff representative Elaine Holness (pictured).

On 5 March, Elaine went to work at Waterloo and was informed that she was stood down from duties pending an investigation into allegations that she 'racially harassed' a manager. What had she done to warrant this? She had given evidence at an Employment Tribunal in support of sacked RMT member Mo Makhboul which included criticising a manager. When Elaine attended a fact-finding interview, management told her that the investigation would be taken via Route C which could lead to dismissal.

RMT Finsbury Park Branch

Welcome to the RMT Finsbury Park Branch No. 0543

We Welcome and represent all RMT members on the Victoria Line & Piccadilly Line North ( Knightsbridge to Cockfosters). This includes Train Drivers, depot staff,Station and Revenue Control staff in our area.

Additionally we represent most cleaning grades members throughout London Underground.

The branch meets on the first and second Thursday of the month at 4pm very close to Finsbury Park station.
We meet at The Twelve Pins, 263 Seven Sisters road, London N4 2DE.

Two Equalities Conferences

Here is information about RMT's forthcoming conferences for black and ethnic minority members, and for women members.

Compared with some other sections of the rail and transport industry, London Underground's stations and revenue workforce includes a relatively high number of women and is ethnically diverse. It would therefore be good if lots of members from our grades put themselves forward to be delegates.

RMT Black and Ethnic Minority Members' Conference

RMT's national Black and Ethnic Minority Members' conference takes place on 16th/17th March 2009. London Transport Regional Council is hosting the 2009 conference, and invites branches or individual members to attend the conference and come to the planning meeting.

Planning meeting: Monday 5th January, 18:00, Bernie Grant Centre, Tottenham, London N15.

If you are interested in taking part, please ring or text Glenroy on 07956-133450.

Immigration Checks At Work: A Reps' Guide

RMT has produced a booklet providing a guide for reps on new legislation concerning immigration checks at work. The booklet is attached as a PDF and the text is reproduced below ...


Dear Colleague,

illegal immigration amnesty-Deserving Dignity

During the last two years the call for an amnesty for illegal immigation has become wide spread. Who are those calling for such an amnesty? Surprisingly many are party leaders and others political leaders seeking the UK to adopt similar policies to France, Italy, Greece and Spain.

British Transport Police Racism

The BBC Panorama programme entitled The Secret Policeman Returns charted progress at encouraging black and minority ethnic (BME) people into the force since a similar programme exposed racism among police recruits five years ago.

However shocking evidence was revealed into racism in the British Transport Police. The programme highlights an incident that took place two weeks ago in which two Asian British Transport police sergeants found the Ku Klux Klan emblem and other racist graffiti scraped into their lockers at their station in Stockwell, London.

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