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Boycott AFM Functionality Expansion-Jobs Depend on it

LU Management have informed the TU’s that they will be expanding the AFM Functionality to CSA’s.This now means that both CSA’s and SAMF’s will be expected to carry out ticket selling activities outside of the Ticket Offices,something which RMT are opposed to.LU have told us that they will initially be running a ‘pilot’ on a voluntary basis at Bank Station and also using SRT staff across the network from December to early January and thereafter will introduce it company wide.The first thing that CSA’s must remember is that their Job Description does not include or allow for the selling of

The Questionable Practices of SIS

SIS have been doing the rounds at stations, asking questions, giving out questionable information, and reporting on staff attitudes to Management - everyword seemingly unquestioned.

Read the attachment for a fuller account and suggestions for dealing with spies.

Appeal For Members To Attend Picket Lines And Show Support For Arwyn Thomas

Dear Station Staff Member

You will probably be aware that your Union RMT have been defending a series of attacks by LUL Management on Trade Union Reps,Members and Activists.LU have been engaged in a campaign to smash Trade Unionism in the workplace.

GGC A fair representation of the workers?

I am thoroughly fed up with the GGC of this Union seemingly ignoring anything that we as members decide upon.

This time they have ignored our call for a boycott of the AFM machines and all the other suggestions we made at the meeting where the GGC insisted we were released to put our feelings forward as "recommendations to the GGC" time and time again it feels like were not only fighting management but some very odd decision making by the union beaurocrats. No wonder we are losing members hand over fist.

LU Job Cuts - Enhanced AFM Functionality

*** Please note that RMT has not yet been able to officially declare the boycott referred to in this decision. ***

RMT General Grades Committee decision, 10 February:

Rtw interviews

It's just been brought to my attention that during rtw interviews according to our gsm and a Dsm when we sign the form we do not sign for what the Dsm ticks ie sick sickness explained etc. I just want some clarification on this before I lose it with our waste of space management



Consider This ...

Jon Abdullah, an RMT activist who works on the SRT, considers some important points for you to remember about our action to defend jobs ...

1. Abuse of power ...

Disciplinary process
Attendance process

Overtime Ban Liverpool Street Group

Dear Colleagues,

Sudden Impact

RMT Tables Important Issues for Talks with Management

RMT has submitted the following items to be discussed at the Stations and Revenue Council meeting on 22 September.

1. Requests for odd days annual leave being declined on the grounds of coverage issues resulting from management not filling vacancies. Staff position is that staff should not suffer as a result of managements decision not to fill vacancies.

Stations & Revenue Grades Committee 2nd of June 2010


 Minutes
 Matters Arising
 Stations & Revenue Report
 Staff Our Stations Campaign: Ballot
 Recruitment and retention
 Local Reports
 Health & Safety Report
 Any other business

Are LDIs Prejudged?

Dear Colleagues,

Recently I have represented members at two LDIs both were for breaches of the AAW Policy.

Updated Contact List for Stations and Revenue Control Safety Council


07872 465 690

07753 878 942

07753 979 637

07715 324 107

07528 526 378

07733 344 491

07764 390 792

07753 898 077

OSP Update 3rd June meeting

As LU continue to try to steamroll through the disgraceful plans for the reorganisation of groups and the attack on jobs, your functional reps met management again on the 3rd to continue the not so meaningful consultation process. Having had grave concerns over the terms of reference for these meetings we were proved right by management and slightly bemused by their hypocritical view on how these meetings should be run.

Revenue Forum Report, Tuesday 18 May 2010

1. Update On May Fares Revision

The next Fares Revision is scheduled to take place on Sunday 23rd May 2010. The new Engineers pass for CTS Technicians will be issued on a new pink Oyster card stock.

2. Update On TOM Software Changes

The proposed package of TOM software enhancements now looks unlikely to be delivered before September 2010.

Letter from your functional reps: Why we would not participate in LU's 'meeting' today

Your Stations and Revenue functional council reps today attended a meeting regarding the OSP (London Underground’s proposed 7-800 job cuts). At that meeting, your reps pointed out to management that due to all four trade unions registering two ‘failures to agree’ at Company Council level, we are not engaging in any meeting at functional level until those matters have been resolved.

Letter from your functional reps: Why we would not participate in LU's 'meeting' today

Dear Rep/Activist/Branch Secretary

This letter is to explain to you the events at the Stations and Revenue Functional Council meeting held today by management. We expect that management will circulate their own version of events, and feel that it is important that everyone knows the real facts and principles at stake.

Stations and Revenue Grades Committee Minutes from 7th April 2010


  1.  Minutes from previous meeting 3rd March 2010
  2.  Standing Orders
  3.  Election of third contact for Staff our Stations Campaign
  4.  Membership lists (change to agenda agreed by members present)
  5.  Recruitment and retention Plan
  6.  Standing Items: Stations & Revenue Council Report, Local Reports, Stations and Revenue H&SReport.

    Agenda: Station and Revenue Grades Committee 7th April 2010

    Brothers and SIsters
    The next meeting will be convened at 15:00hrs on Wednesday 7th of April.

    All grades of station and revenue staff are invited and encouraged to come along to discuss and vote on the following:

    1 Standing Orders:
    1. Quorum:
    that unless otherwise decided, all meetings shall begin at 15:00 and end at 16:45.
    Five members shall form a quorum.

    Minutes: Station and Revenue Grades Committee 3 March 2010

     Election of secretary
     Election of three 3 local reps to acts as points of contact for Staff our Station campaign
     Staff our Stations Campaign
     Minimum Oyster top-up
     Recruitment and retention
     Any other Business

    Emergency Level 1 Called for Thursday 4Th March

    We have had enough of the abuse of Staff on our group with duties for Reserves having Duties changed by as much as 12 hours with 24 hours notice and Rostered Staff being moved to cover A/L and Vacancies so we have called an Emergency Level 1 for Thursday..