RMT/TSSA merger

RMT/TSSA Merger Talks: Statement 5

“TSSA and RMT met again as planned on Tuesday, 11 October 2011 for further friendly and constructive talks concerning the democratic structures of our respective unions. Our talks focussed on the workings of Annual Conferences, Executive Committees, Regional/Divisional and Branch structures.

RMT/TSSA Merger Talks - Statement no.3

TSSA and RMT met on Saturday/Sunday 17/18 September 2011 to discuss the structures, operations and cultures of both unions. We each delivered presentations on our membership, democratic structures, political affiliations, staff structures, officials and offices and took the opportunity to ask questions and seek clarifications. Talks were positive and will now move onto a series of regular meetings to explore further the possibility of developing a new union. Regular meetings will begin on 4th October 2011 and developments will be reported to the respective union executives as they occur.

RMT/TSSA Merger Talks: Statement 2

Further to our previous joint trade union message (dated Friday, 12 August, 2011) regarding merger talks between RMT and TSSA, our negotiating teams will meet over two days following the TUC Congress next week.

The aim of this meeting is to allow both negotiating teams to better understand each other's unions in terms of our respective structures, operation and culture.

RMT/TSSA Merger: Update


TSSA and RMT historically met today, 12 August 2011, to discuss the possibilities of a merged union.

A series of meetings will be held to discuss key issues and objectives recognising that both unions have separate Rule Books and traditions.