Industrial action

The real strength of any union lies in our power to withdraw our labour. This section of the website covers why, when and how we take industrial action.

Job Cuts - Overtime Ban Ended

I write to advise members that the Job Cuts dispute was discussed yesterday at the union’s Annual General Meeting. Following a considered debate it was decided by conference to suspend the continuous overtime ban which has been in place since last year. Members are therefore instructed to work normally with regard to overtime.

STRIKE ACTION SUSPENDED - London Underground: Victimisation of Reps and Activists


Dear Colleagues,

I write to advise members that all strike action that was due to commence next week has been suspended following talks with the company. All RMT Train Operators and Instructor Operators are instructed to work normally. A summary of the agreement reached is as follows: -

BBC report of no January strikes against job cuts is INACCURATE

This morning, the BBC has reported that RMT will not hold strikes against London Underground job cuts during the month of January, and attributes this to a "highly-placed RMT source". This report is wrong. [The BBC has changed its report since it originally publish it, but it is still inaccurate, although less so than previously.]

Message from Bob Crow to Tube strikers

LUL safety and jobs – congratulations on another solid strike

Dear Colleague,

I would like to congratulate you on delivering another rock-solid strike to defend safety and jobs.

TfL’s dishonesty about the effects of the dispute, as well as their lies over unstaffed stations have now well and truly caught up with them and that the public no longer trust them.

It is clear that our industrial action has been having a cumulative effect and that today’s action has been the most effective yet.

Management Threats and Bullying

A message from Steve Hedley, RMT Regional Organiser

The RMT strike action and action short of a strike is taking place after a legally held ballot. You may have seen an employee relations bulletin suggesting that you can get into trouble for going on strike or refusing to abide by the 5 pounds minimum top up policy, this is nonsense.

Consider This ...

Jon Abdullah, an RMT activist who works on the SRT, considers some important points for you to remember about our action to defend jobs ...

1. Abuse of power ...

Disciplinary process
Attendance process