RMT Training

Opportunities for RMT representatives, activists and members to learn and improve skills.

Training: Producing a Workplace RMT Newsletter

To all RMT workplace representatives

Want to communicate more effectively with the RMT members you represent? Want to be able to report back on negotiations and other union duties, explain how management's latest plans affect your particular workplace, put together an attractive newsletter? Maybe you understand the importance of effective printed material but feel you don't have the skills to do it yourself?

Training for RMT Reps

National Education Centre, Doncaster

Bob Crow writes ...

I have arranged a series of training courses for our elected representatives that will be held throughout the first quarter of 2010.

The courses are for our reps who have never attended a five day RMT residential before.

Our ‘General Reps Course’ focuses on the role of an RMT rep and cover all the basics including recruitment & retention, providing advocacy at disciplinary and grievance hearings and negotiation.

Supporting Local RMT Reps

At its meeting in May, RMT's London Transport Regional Council agreed to do more to support local RMT representatives. Below is the text of the resolution passed. We are already working on implementing it - the Regional Council Executive is organising a conference and training day on 29 August; and the Stations & Revenue Council has tabled demands to LUL management for better release and facilities for local reps.


Conference and Training Day

Date and time: Friday 29 August, 9am-5pm
Venue: Somers Town Community Centre, 150 Ossulston Street, Camden [the same venue as regional council meetings].

This event has two aims: to improve organisation of industrial disputes drawing on past experiences; and to provide training to enhance RMT reps' and activists' skills. The regional council passed resolutions from branches asking for both of these things, so we expect branches to ensure that lots of reps, activists and members attend!