Conferences and events

RMT conferences and other events - read about them and consider coming!

Olympic Recognition And Reward – Transport For London (london Underground)

I am writing to advise members that following further talks at ACAS, a final proposal was tabled over Olympic Recognition and Reward for London Underground members. A meeting took place with 150 of your representatives at the end of last week to consult on this offer and the General Grades Committee has decided the following: -

Discussion meeting: How the economic crisis affects you

Meeting for RMT members:
Saturday 17 January, 11:00-14:00
Venue: RMT headquarters, 39 Chalton Street NW1 (nearest stations: Euston and King's Cross St. Pancras)

The Financial Crisis: How will the recession affect jobs, wages and pensions?

Jared Wood, RMT
Plus a speaker from the Wall Street Journal

Organised by the National Shop Stewards' Network

Two Equalities Conferences

Here is information about RMT's forthcoming conferences for black and ethnic minority members, and for women members.

Compared with some other sections of the rail and transport industry, London Underground's stations and revenue workforce includes a relatively high number of women and is ethnically diverse. It would therefore be good if lots of members from our grades put themselves forward to be delegates.

RMT Black and Ethnic Minority Members' Conference

RMT's national Black and Ethnic Minority Members' conference takes place on 16th/17th March 2009. London Transport Regional Council is hosting the 2009 conference, and invites branches or individual members to attend the conference and come to the planning meeting.

Planning meeting: Monday 5th January, 18:00, Bernie Grant Centre, Tottenham, London N15.

If you are interested in taking part, please ring or text Glenroy on 07956-133450.

RMT-organised Conference to discuss the crisis in working-class political representation

Saturday January 10 2009, 11am - 3pm, Friends Meeting House, Euston Road, London NW1

Speakers: Brian Caton POA General Secretary Bob Crow RMT General Secretary Professor Mary Davis John McDonnell MP Mark Serwotka PCS General Secretary Chair John Leach RMT President

Open to all. Please register in advance at, or write to RMT, Unity House, 39 Chalton Street, London, NW1 1JD

Download a leaflet by clicking on the file name below.

National Station and Associated Grades Liason Commitee-meeting.

On September 16th 2008, 1400, RMT head office, the Liason Commitee meeting of the National Station and Associated Grades Conference will take place. This meeting is to discuss progress of motions and conference. Whilest any voting can only take place by the elected commitee, visitors are most welcome to come and take part in the debate and share ideas.

What Next For Revenue Control?

After senior managers' cull of Duty Revenue Control Managers and Admin, what next for Revenue Control Inspectors - a special meeting has been called by Ross Marshall, Health and Safety rep for BCV. All members invited to discuss the new set up, tactics, future plans and internal RMT plans for RCIs. Meeting will take place at 1400hrs at Unity House (RMT Head Office) on Friday 22 August. Special Guest Speaker is Steve Hedley, London Transport Regional Secretary.

One Delegate's Report From RMT AGM

I have already posted a couple of blog entries about particular debates at this year's RMT AGM. Here is a round-up of other discussions - all from a personal point of view, of course!

This is the first time I've been a delegate to RMT's AGM, but not being the shy, retiring type, I had a hatful of resolutions to propose, and something to say on several others.

Conference and Training Day

Date and time: Friday 29 August, 9am-5pm
Venue: Somers Town Community Centre, 150 Ossulston Street, Camden [the same venue as regional council meetings].

This event has two aims: to improve organisation of industrial disputes drawing on past experiences; and to provide training to enhance RMT reps' and activists' skills. The regional council passed resolutions from branches asking for both of these things, so we expect branches to ensure that lots of reps, activists and members attend!

RMT Resolves to Fight the BNP

This resolution on Fighting The BNP was passed unanimously at last week's RMT Annual General Meeting.

This union believes that the fascist British National Party is fundamentally an anti-working-class party: it is also racist, anti-semitic, sexist and homophobic. Everything that the BNP stands for is against the interests of the labour and trade union movement.

We believe that two of the main factors that have enabled the BNP to grow are:

Voting for a Voice for Workers

I was very pleased to propose this resolution at RMT's AGM. I had written it as a response to the collapse in Labour's vote in the May 1 local elections, when Boris Johnson won the London Mayor's job for the Tories and Labour Councillors around the country had to clear their desks in the Town Hall. My branch, Stratford no.1, discussed and agreed it, and thus it found its way to the union's AGM as an emergency resolution.

RMT Responds to Labour's Election Disasters: Demand a Working-Class Voice in Politics!

Delegates to RMT's Annual General Meeting last week unanimously agreed the following resolution, which had been submitted by the union's Stratford no.1 branch.

This union notes the disastrous results for the Labour Party in the May 1st elections. We believe that working class voters have deserted the Labour Party because it has abandoned working class people through its policies of cuts, privatisation, war and lining the pockets of the rich at the expense of the poor and low paid.

We are also appalled at the advances made by the fascist BNP in these elections.

Speaking Out For Reserve Staff

This week, I have been out of London at RMT's Annual General Meeting in Nottingham. I am one of eight delegates from the union's London Transport region who met up with over 50 delegates from the rail, maritime and transport industries around the country to make the union's policies.

Over the next few days, i will post on this blog reports of what we discussed and decided. I'll report on my contributions to the deliberations - after all, since union members elected me to go and represent you, you are entitled to know what I got up to!

RMT AGM Demands More Rights For Reserves

RMT's Annual General Meeting, a national gathering of delegates held in Nottingham this week, has passed a resolution demanding more rights for reserve staff. The resolution, which was submitted by the union's Women's Conference, is as follows:

This Conference believes that anti-social shifts and short notice duty changes are the bane of many rail and transport workers' lives. Reserve/cover/pool workers suffer particularly with being messed about by management and this makes life difficult for workers with caring responsibilities, most (but not all) or whom are women.