'RMT Platform' newsletter

RMT's regular newsletter for station and revenue staff

Platform July Edition

Hi all heres the late June/EarlyJuly Edition of Platform

This issue sees

  1. a "liberated" Stations Framework article from Gavin Bowtell (Cheers Gavin) Lol
  2. A look at the proposed surplus and loss procedure
  3. An update on cleaning vouchers
  4. Report on victimisations
  • Cheers


  • 'RMT Platform' August issue out now

    Click '1 attachment' / file name to download the new issue of 'RMT Platform', our newsletter for station and revenue staff. It includes information about merger talks with TSSA, RMT meetings and activities for station and revenue staff, the Olympics, safety issues, the use of national rail staff on LU stations, and RMT's planned boycotts of Enhanced AFM Functionality and 'line reserve'.

    'RMT Platform' newsletter, 24 September 2010: Keep Up Action to Save Jobs

    Click '1 attachment'/file name to download the new issue of 'RMT Platform'. Read the text below.

    At the start of September, station and revenue control staff and our workmates in other grades brought London to a standstill as our strike showed the strength of opposition to LU's disastrous job-cutting plans.

    'RMT Platform' 6 April 2010

    The new issue of our 'RMT Platform' newsletter is all about London Underground's job cuts and RMT's fight against them. Read about: our public meeting last week; the case against ticket office cuts; voluntary severance (ha ha); and the gory details of station group reorganisation and where the jobs will go.

    Click '1 attachment' / file name to download it. Please distribute widely.

    'RMT Platform' 24 February 2010: Staff Our Stations!

    SOSThe new issue of our 'RMT Platform' newsletter reveals London Underground's plans to reduce minimum staffing levels at stations - and even to keep Victoria station open with just two staff on duty! It sums up what we know so far about the company's preparations to cut jobs, and outlines what staff can do to stop these cuts. The newsletter also tells readers of the new protections won by RMT concerning mystery shoppers surveys.

    Click '1 attachment' / file name to download it. Please distribute widely at work.

    'RMT Platform', 16 December 2009: Revealed - LUL to Slash Stations Jobs

    RMT PlatformThe new issue of RMT Platform - our newsletter for station and revenue staff - reveals London Underground's plan to slash up to 1,200 jobs and close around half the Tube's ticket offices. It also reports the latest position for 'over-establishment' staff, the company's attempts to scrap SATS duties, and RMT's ongoing efforts to win better rights for Underground workers.

    Click '1 attachment' / file name to download it. Please distribute widely around workplaces and to staff.

    'RMT Platform' 7 October 2009 - SIS: Spying and Insult Surveys?!

    The new issue of 'RMT Platform' newsletter outlines RMT's objections to London Underground's use of 'mystery shoppers' to persecute staff. It also reaffirms our determination to fight for a decent pay deal.

    The newsletter exposes the scandal of vacancies and proposed job cuts, invites you to join a collective grievance against the ticket office accountancy system, and celebrates a victory in getting Shepherd's Bush Central upgraded to SS1.

    Click '1 attachment' / file name to view, download and print it. Please distribute widely.

    'RMT Platform' 22 June 2009: Station Staff Strike Back

    RMT PlatformThe new issue of 'RMT Platform' reports on station staff's solid participation in RMT's strike for jobs, pay and justice. It also gives information on our campaign for snow day pay, London Underground's backdoor job cuts, the new Ticket Office Procedures Handbook, and the 'Textback' trial flop. Plus there is advice on station and revenue staff's rights.

    Click '1 attachment' / file name to download it.

    'RMT Platform' 4 May 2009: Stop These Ticket Office Injustices!

    The new issue of 'RMT Platform' exposes two major flaws in London Underground's ticket offices, which RMT fears will lead to unfair discipline against staff. It also reports on the unfar treatment of Elaine Holness, the continuing dispute over jobs, pay and justice, and our determination to restore pay and leave to staff who missed work because of February's snow. It gives reserve staff information on their rights when it comes to duty changes while on annual leave, and invites members to join RMT's protest in support of Israeli railworkers.

    RMT Platform, 8 February 2009: Ticket Office Jobs, Snow, SRT and more

    The new issue of RMT Platform reveals LUL's plans to drive away custom from ticket offices as a prelude to attacking jobs. It also reports on RMT's efforts to win justice for members who could not get to work because of last week's snow, the unproductive SRT Review, plans for a strike ballot on Willesden Green group, and management's latest escalation of its attendance clampdown.

    'RMT Platform' 2 January 2009: What's Happening With Your Pay Rise?

    The new issue of our printed 'RMT Platform' bulletin reports to staff on the lack of progress in pay talks, and on several current workplace issues - including the 'Textback' trial, the King's Cross 7, LUL's threat to withdraw a flexible working appeal stage, and management plans to set a £5 minimum on Oyster top-ups at the window, and to make CSAs collect fares on the gateline. Plus information about the forthcoming RMT-organised conference on working-class political representation, and more ...

    'RMT Platform', 5 November 2008: LUL Prepares to Displace CSAs

    The new issue of our 'RMT Platform' newsletter warns of LUL's intention to displace 'over-establishment' CSAs away from their current stations and use them as 'line reserves', and urges staff to prepare to fight against this move. It also reveals - and condemns - management's ultimatum that we must reduce RCI reps before they will recognise reps in the SRT. There is an article about the economic crisis and pay, a brief 'know your rights' guide to flexible working, a report on our proposal for weekend ATOR for weekend part-timers and a plug for this website.

    'RMT Platform' 7 October 2008: LUL Threatens CSAs With Displacement

    The new issue of our 'RMT Platform' newsletter is out now. It responds to management's letter threatening to displace CSAs, provides 'know your rights' guides for the Special Requirements Team and for weekend part-timers, reports the latest news on the new Wood Lane station, and promotes next Monday's mass meeting and the Station & Revenue Grades meeting.

    Click on the file name below to download and print it. You can also pick up colour printed copies from the regional office at Unity House. Please circulate it at work.